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Warning about WannaCry malware and how to avoid it

WannaCry malware has spread to 74 countries worldwide, including Vietnam, since last weekend and has seriously affected many corporate companies. Join Gimasys to learn about this scary malware and how to prevent it to ensure safety against the onslaught of WannaCry!

Warning about WannaCry malware and how to avoid it

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry is a type of malware that attacks the victim's computer through email attachments or by sending malicious links. WannaCry infects the computer and will encrypt and block access to all files on it. user's computers and devices. At the same time, taking advantage of the SMB vulnerability, WannaCry can spread to other Windows computers on the same internal network system.

The attacker will ask the victim to pay a ransom within a certain period of time if they want to get back the encrypted data files, otherwise these files will be completely destroyed.

Who is affected?

Most computers run on Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/Windows 8/Windows 10). Some cases recorded from Mac OS operating system.

Advice from experts

Experts recommend users:

  • Be cautious about suspicious emails.
  • Do not click on unclear links or download suspicious attachments from Email or social networks.
  • Be cautious about the Web sites you are visiting
  • You should back up important document files to Google Drive
  • Use Email on the Webmail platform.
  • Make sure your Antivirus software is up to date (for both home and personal computers).
  • Check for the latest Windows updates (both for home and personal computers)

If there is any suspicious activity on your device, notify a reputable security organization immediately.

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