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Warning about using cheap Google Workspace

Recently, advertisements about Google Workspace with "surprisingly low prices" and "commitment to permanent use" are being spread widely on social networking sites. This can be a trap for informal individuals or organizations to defraud businesses. The truth is that registering these unclear copyrights can lead to high risks such as unforeseen service interruptions, loss of important data and customer information, causing huge financial losses. business and reputation.

Overview of cheap Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is one of the world's leading cloud computing solutions. In Vietnam, it is popular because it offers many powerful features and enhances work efficiency along with a user-friendly interface. 

Before 2012, Google offered G Suite for free, with the initial number of registered accounts up to 200 and then gradually decreasing. This has motivated many individuals and organizations to register to use this service. However, this free version has feature limitations. 

By the end of 2012, Google stopped providing this free version. Educational and non-profit organizations can continue to use the for Education edition at no cost. But other subjects must switch to using the paid version, with prices starting from 4.2 USD/month. 

Some bad actors in Vietnam have taken advantage of this opportunity, signed up for a free G Suite package and then resold it to customers at a price much lower than Google's official price. This is the reason for the "Super cheap Google Workspace" and "Cheap Google Workspace for permanent use" ads that you can see on the market today.

Risks encountered when using cheap Google Workspace

Case discovered by Google

If Google detects that a Google Workspace or G Suite account is being used illegally, the consequences can be severe for users. Purchasing these services from unofficial individuals or organizations not only violates Google policies but also poses many potential risks: 

  • When Google checks and discovers abuse of free services for commercial purposes, they will immediately suspend the service. This means that the entire Gmail system and Drive data of the violating unit will stop working and cannot be backed up. 
  • Disruption of the Email system can lead to loss of customer data, contacts and many other important information during the transaction process, causing serious damage to the business. 
  • There is a high risk that a business's domain name will be permanently locked by Google, making it impossible for the business to use any Google services in the future. 
  • In Vietnam, there have been many cases where businesses had their Email system completely suspended due to purchasing an unofficial version of G Suite, and most of these cases did not receive support from Google to fix it.

The case has not been detected by Google

Even if Google has not detected any abnormalities, businesses using unofficial Google Workspace services still face many potential risks: 

  • Customers are not granted the highest administrative rights (Super Admin), putting them at risk of loss, information leakage and data theft. 
  • Unofficial Google Workspace accounts often have to share the system with many other units, increasing the risk of encountering problems related to other customers using the same system. 
  • Using Google Workspace for free means you won't receive support from Google if you encounter system errors or dispute issues. 
  • Google is not responsible for any disputes or risks that arise. In addition, businesses may face legal issues related to unauthorized product use.


Therefore, choosing official, reputable Google Workspace services is extremely important to ensure safety, security and efficiency for your business.

Should you use cheap Google Workspace?

When considering using Google Workspace, it's important to stay away from cheap, unknown options. The risks from using unofficial products not only threaten data security but also negatively affect your business operations. If you are looking for a reliable and official Google Workspace solution, contact Gimasys – Google Cloud Premier Partner. We will provide you with professional advice, help you choose the service package that best suits your needs and business size, ensuring you receive all the benefits, support and security that Google Workspace offers. provide. Don't risk cheap, unorthodox options – choose peace of mind and efficiency with Gimasys.

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