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Drive file recommendations in Google Chrome to be released to the general public in December

What’s changing 

Earlier this year, Google announced a beta for Drive file suggestions in Google Chrome. This will begin rolling out to customers starting on December 16, 2019. Before this date, Google recommends that users review their admins and adjust the new settings in the Admin console. For more information about this setting, see below.

Drive File Suggestions in Chrome allows users to search for their Google Drive files directly from Chrome's URL bar, instead of Currently, this functionality is limited to files the user has previously opened in Chrome. Starting December 16, 2019, users who restart their browser will be able to search any Drive files they have access to, including files they haven't previously opened in Chrome.

Drive file proposal in Google Chrome will be widely available in December (1)

Who’s impacted

Administrators and users

Why it’s important

Starting December 16, 2019, Drive file suggestions in Chrome will be enabled by default for your organization. There is a new setting in the Admin Console that allows admins to control access at the OU or group level for this feature. When file suggestions allow Google Drive to signed in users whenever a search is performed, users can modify their individual search settings in Chrome to enable or disable Drive file search.

If you leave Drive file suggestions in Chrome enabled, users who are signed in and opt in to Chrome sync will see Drive suggestions in the Chrome URL bar for their synced account (Chrome version 69 and up). To learn what sync settings users can manage and how they can be managed, as well as how to turn Chrome Sync on or off, see the Google Help Center.

Google recommends that users review and adjust the new settings in the Admin Console to control this feature as needed. See below for instructions on how to modify this setting, or visit the Google Help Center.

How to get started

  • Admins
    • Before December 16, 2019, Review and adjust dedicated settings in the Admin Console to control this feature as needed. See the Google Help Center to learn more.
  • End users: If file suggestions are enabled in your domain, you can turn file suggestions on or off in the Chrome browser:
    • Open Chrome Browser and go to More> Settings
    • In section People, press Sync
    • Turn off or open Google Drive search suggestions.

Additional details

This feature will be available to users signed into the Chrome profile on any operating system: Chromebooks, Mac, Windows, etc

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