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Devops and Breakthrough Security Solutions with GKE Autopilot

Organizations that are modernizing their businesses with the cloud are looking for solutions to simplify and automate container orchestration with high security, availability, and scalability. service GKE Autopilot will be available early this year, a new innovation in Kubernetes management that eliminates the need for cluster management while providing strong security and automatically optimizing resource usage. (If you don't understand GKE Autopilot? check the documentation  Autopilot breakout session at Google Cloud Next '21, this document summarizes the new features the Kubernetes platform can do )

One of the biggest advantages of GKE Autopilot is that it will help you fully manage the Kubernetes platform including nodes, GKE Autopilot still supports running DaemonSets on node agents. still allows you to perform actions like collecting node-level metrics without having to run sidecars in each pod. Although some administrative privileges such as privileged pod are restricted in Autopilot to regular pod users, we have worked with several partners to provide some of the best solutions for assigning privileges as needed. set. This allows you to get the most out of most popular products to run on a fully managed Autopilot platform without the need to tweak or modify products.

Built on partnerships as leading software vendors in monitoring, security, CI/CD, and configuration management, this represents a differentiated approach to running tools from provider. Compare with competing platforms from other cloud providers: GKE Autopilot requires no intensive configuration (like using sidecar containers) for many partner solutions. so: we are happy to share some of the following partner solutions that are compatible with GKE Autopilot and work in a unified manner just like the GKE side:


Aqua is a provider of security support and robust assurance of security compliance across the entire lifecycle of all workloads running on GKE Autopilot and especially Kubernetes pods where multiple containers run that share storage and network resources.


CircleCI Allows the team to release, test, build and deliver code seamlessly. CircleCI includes configuration components such as jobs, commands, and actions to support deployment to GKE Autopilot.

Codefresh's Gitops

Codefresh's Gitops manage an agent installed on a cluster, monitor the cluster and determine if there are any changes to the Git repositories. CodeFresh allows you to deploy any type of application to your GKE Autopilot cluster using Gitops.


Collection of Chronosphere combined with GKE Autopilot to help engineers work more efficiently without wasting time monitoring metric collectors by providing engineers with faster and more accurate alerts for them to analyze quickly while also knowing that clusters are secure, highly available, and optimized.


Datadog provides comprehensive monitoring and visibility of all containerized apps running on GKE Autopilot on one dashboard by collecting metrics and logs that help identify performance issues and provide context for troubleshooting.


Dynatrace Has an intelligent software platform to monitor availability, health and resource usage on GKG Autopilot and prioritizes display of anomalous information or automatically identifies exact errors such as determining the number of unwanted replicas. want or limit pod-level resources too little.


Can be installed Gitlab easily on GKE Autopilot in addition to Helm Chart and configurable to suit customer use cases including access to other company resources. Google Cloud options like Google Storage and databases. 

Hashicorp Terraform

Hashicorp Terraform can be used to create a GKE Autopilot cluster across multiple zones to ensure high availability with a unified resource usage declaration process and transparent management of infrastructure information. Hashicorp Vault running on GKE Autopilot provides security and management of sensitive information.

Prisma Cloud Daemonset Defenders

Prisma Cloud Daemonset Defenders of Palo Alto Networks help enforce policies, automate discovery, and protect GKE Autopilot clusters. while Prisma Cloud Radar helps to display a comprehensive visual dashboard of GKE Autopilot nodes and clusters so that you can identify potential risks and easily provide solutions.


Snyk's is a security testing platform including code, open source, containers and infrastructure implementation in code (IaC) for developers to build a secure application and Snyk works interoperable on GKE Autopilot.

Splunk Observability Cloud

Splunk Observability Cloud is a cybersecurity monitoring tool that provides developers and operators with an in-depth look at the state composition and ongoing issues in clusters while GKE Autopilot is managed automatically for efficiency. maximum.

Sysdig Secure Devops Platform

Sysdig Secure Devops Platform partnered with GKE Autopilot to enable you to deliver the best container security on GKE Autopilot clusters including pre-deployment security monitoring of containers and close monitoring of container activities using Sysdig Agent .

If you already use one of the solutions of the above vendors in your current business operations, you will be able to apply them on GKE Autopilot. In the near future, we will continue to expand support for many solutions from partners. and we hope that businesses using GKE Autopilot will help begin their journey of automating and modernizing enterprise application deployment with containers in the cloud.”

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