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What is Firebase Google Cloud? Find out the features of this platform

No matter what industry your business is in, having an intuitive, interactive app seems to be a daily necessity. Because today, customers perform most of their routine tasks through mobile apps. For businesses, it's important to build a powerful business application. Firebase is Google's open source mobile platform, emerging as a flexible solution for developing high-quality applications to support your business.

Firebase Google Cloud Overview

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (Baas) platform for mobile and web to develop powerful applications. It provides developers with a variety of tools and services to help them build quality apps, grow their user base, and run Android or iOS mobile apps efficiently.

Firebase vs Google Cloud

Because it's built on top of Google's infrastructure, in addition to features provided by Firebase, developers can take advantage of computing resources and services provided by Google. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provide. Such as BigQuery, … However, unlike GCP which is preferred by server-side developers, Firebase is used by client-side application developers on both web and mobile devices.

Firebase and GCP are integrated with three products, including Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions and Cloud Storage Google. These products live in the cloud and are only visible to client-side developers through Firebase.

  • Cloud Storage is a scalable cloud storage file system.
  • Cloud Firestore is a scalable real-time NoSQL database.
  • Cloud Functions provides a serverless computing infrastructure for event-driven programming.

How Filebase Works

Firebase aims to provide realtime database as well as Backend-as-a-Service. This is a cloud-based NoSQL database that allows you to store and synchronize data between your users in real time.

A BaaS service provides developers with an application programming interface (API) that allows application data to be coordinated through the customer and stored on the Firebase Cloud Messaging server. In addition, Firebase is used to synchronize devices and browsers in real time using the same database.

Firebase allows developers to focus on creating impressive customer experiences. You don't have to control the server or write an API. Firebase is like your server, API and datastore where written data can be modified or changed according to your needs.

Features of Firebase

Firebase supports multiple platforms, such as IOS, Android, Web, Unity to run mobile apps. Besides platforms, it also supports several programming languages like C++, Java, etc.

Firebase offers a wide range of features for developers, making it the most recommended framework for web and mobile apps.

Real-time database

A database with No Structured Query Language (NoSQL) has data stored and synchronized as a JSON design that allows you to connect with any user in real time. All users can access their data from any device, mobile or web. Changes made in the customer's application are automatically synchronized with the real-time database, which works offline.

Firebase Multiplatform

With Firebase, developers can maintain the same user state regardless of the number of devices on which the user is logged into the app.

Web Hosting

Hosting is a simple process in Firebase app development. Three new features are included in this process: free custom domain support, a global CDN, and auto-provisioned SSL certificates. You can quickly deploy applications once the Firebase CLI is installed and set up.

Firebase lets you deploy in-page web apps, mobile landing page apps, and progressive web apps (PWAs) with ease. With SSD-backed storage, you can distribute data globally quickly.

Custom domains can get a free SSL certificate for each website launch, and developers can deploy web apps and static content to the Content Delivery Network (CDN) with a single command.

Firebase Authentication

Many apps have a login tool, which the developer intends to simplify and better secure. Therefore, Firebase Authentication is there to accomplish that task with a simple sign-in process.

It provides identification solution for your email, password and application validation via Google, Email & Password, Phone number, Facebook and Twitter.

Powerful storage space

Firebase comes with a powerful storage solution that helps developers store a lot of user-generated content (images, videos, or pdfs). Thanks to this feature, users can transfer files and download content easily regardless of network quality. This feature, fully supported by Google Cloud Storage, provides an incredibly cost-competitive approach to curating user-generated content.

Integrate Google Analytics

Integrated Google Analytics is a free and unlimited analytics solution. It gives you unlimited reporting with up to 500 different events that can be defined using the Firebase SDK. It allows you to submit mobile app data to BigQuery for insights into user behavior, user experience, and user interactions.

infograph- irebase architecture

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) provides a reliable and battery-saving connection between the server and the device. It allows you to send/receive messages and receive notifications on iOS, Android and web for free. You can send notification messages (2KB limit) as well as data messages (4KB limit). FCM is fully integrated with Firebase Analytics, providing you with detailed engagement and conversion tracking.

Dynamic Links

Dynamic links are links or URLs that can be run on your request. If a user clicks the link through a mobile device or website, it directs them to related content in your device's app or website. If the apps are not installed, they are directed to the Play store or the App store. Once the installation is done, they can open the desired page or link.

With Firebase Invites, end users can also create an invite link with a custom payload to share with their friends on the web.

Configure remote variables for the application

Instant remote configuration allows developers to change the functionality of an application without uploading a new version. This means you don't have to wait for lengthy procedures to get new data for your applications.

With the help of Google Analytics & Remote Config for Firebase. The development team can deploy new features to a certain group of users. Get user feedback, run thorough tests, when everything is stable, then roll out features on a larger scale.

Ads in the app

Firebase is equipped to kick off with some powerful in-app advertising features. The framework has AdMob that allows you to choose which ads to show in your app and helps you increase revenue through advertising. In-app advertising is an easy way to monetize mobile apps.

With Google Analytics, app developers can incentivize installs, run targeted ad campaigns, and derive user behavior analytics to convert into ad conversions to engage users. . You can also export/import audience and event lists from Analytics to AdWords.

Manage third-party payments without setting up a separate server

To enable in-app purchases. Firebase helps developers streamline the process of integrating third-party payment APIs. There is no need to set up and manage a separate server to run billing.

GCP firebase

From the information about Firebase, businesses or software developers can make for themselves a right choice to build a successful business application. No matter who wants to develop their new app or is looking for a solution to grow their business through building mobile apps, Firebase framework one is the ideal platform.

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