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How does Google Workspace support service businesses?

In the current era of globalization and knowledge economy, service businesses have been playing extremely important roles and are growing stronger. With the difference in "intangible" products (instead of being tangible like production units), service businesses that want to be successful are forced to put human factors first, considering customer satisfaction. customers do their mission. To be able to do this, an environment where Employees can collaborate and work together effectively with each other and with customers is indispensable. The article below is brought to you 5 real-life examples about how top names in the application services industry Google Workspace customers into operation.

1/ Not just a working tool, Google Workspace helps employees connect with customers

One of the leading marketing agencies in the world today - M&C Saatchi – has been applying Google Workspace to enable its employees to collaborate more effectively with customers through the cloud computing platform. With many branches spread across the globe, M&C Saatchi has reaped many prestigious awards thanks to its creative communication products. To be able to complete work and collaborate across branches, Saatchi has Use Google Drive to store and manage design files in a single place, allowing team members as well as customers to view, edit or comment without having to bother sending files over. again.  

Besides that, Google Slides also becomes a savior every time the team has to make a presentation to introduce the product to customers. Just one member needs to create the main idea framework, the remaining team members will add and complete their own work and slides. This process can take place in just a short time without anyone having to send emails back and forth, without having to wait for someone to complete it first because everyone can view and directly give each other suggestions right on the interface. by Slides.

Do you want your employees to be able to work directly and closer with customers?

This is completely possible. Thanks to Google's collaboration and teamwork capabilities, your employees can share files up to 5TB with customers, and discuss and edit Docs, spreadsheets or files with them. present.

“Cloud-based tools like Google Workspace and Drive ensure that we can bring people together to work and work towards a common purpose. This means we can launch products faster, smarter.”  – Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director, M&C Saatchi

Watch the Interview Clip and learn how this agency collaborates with its clients more effectively. 

2/ Google Workspace helps build a productive, efficient, closely connected team

Rentokil Initial has 6 business segments spread across more than 60 countries. This often makes their own employees feel a lack of connection and attachment to their other colleagues. Google Workspace helped change company culture by Connect members in business together more easily. 

Specifically: Teams can now use Google Drive and Google Sites not only to share about their work but also to share useful information about themselves with everyone. 

Directors and managers also use it Google+ to update information about your business trips. It can be seen that each application in Google Workspace can become a small social network, suitable for each different user group. Even the Graduate trainee team has its own Google Group to share their experiences working in the company.

Your business can also build such a great spirit of cohesion among its members. Instead of letting each employee use a different information exchange channel (such as Skype, Zalo, Facebook,...) You can encourage them to chat and connect with each other through Google Workspace apps. If the company's human resources are dispersed in many different geographical locations (in a region, a country or globally), Google Workspace becomes even more useful because it helps unify the interaction channel between all employees. pellets. 

For example, with Google+, company managers can help employees better understand the business situation through photos and posts above. Each department can also create its own community to share and help each other.

3/ Google Workspace helps employees solve problems creatively through collaboration

As one of the world's largest consulting firms, the mission of PwC is to solve business problems for customers. But few people know that: Before starting to use Google Workspace, this same unit also had a difficult time, struggling with finding an effective collaboration process. Now PwC can help its teams be more productive, more collaborative, and more creative than before. 

One of the notable case examples: PwC employees were able to cut 2 to 5 hours of weekly meetings, by solving problems together in advance on an online text editing application. Google Docs.

As you know: The strength of a business is composed of the intellectual strength of each employee. So Google Workspace helps you transform the working environment in your business by connecting knowledge stores together. Switch from an individual working mindset to a teamwork mindset, from just completing single goals to a spirit of working together towards a common goal.

"By giving them the right tools to collaborate, we help them innovate and compete in a new way. With Google Workspace apps, teams can be more connected, more productive, and more agile. And since then, we have brought more value to customers, at a faster pace.” – Deborah Bothun, US Entertainment, Media and Communications Leader, PwC.

4/ Google Workspace helps simplify project management and communication within the same team

Grass Root Is a consulting company specializing in improving and transforming the operations of customer businesses. And to be able to do this, Grass Root needs to win their trust thanks to the collaboration process and the ability to exchange information between the two sides. 

When traditional solutions could not meet their requirements, Google Workspace appeared and became a revolution, changing the entire way employees work together. 

Now employees can share and update project reports, work progress, schedules, budgets, and documents online in real time.. They can also regularly contact and connect with each other through email, text messages, or video calls right on their laptops and phones.

Want to simplify project management and increase productivity?

Use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides to get work done together. Not to mention hundreds of options Google Workspace Add-on in Google Workspace MarketPlace will also help meet the diverse needs of you and your colleagues.

"For many Grass Roots employees, Google Workspace has completely changed the way they work and complete projects. Teams operate more efficiently, because everything – including timelines, budgets, progress reports, etc. – is updated to everyone in real time.” – Danny Attias, CIO, Grass Roots

5/ Google Workspace helps streamline the employee recruitment and training process

An agency with as many multinational employees as Randstad Wanting to modernize their email and collaboration solutions, they chose Google Workspace.

Google has integrated tools that allow Randstad employees at more than 4,500 branches with more than 500,000 people to work together easily. Switching to Google's solution was very easy, because most of Randstad's employees were familiar with tools like Gmail, Calendar or Hangouts.

At Randstad, HR was able to use Google Workspace to attract thousands of candidates and onboard them quickly, even when these candidates were spread across thousands of locations. different reasons. For example:

  • Google Docs to discuss and come up with the most perfect job description, as well as to test candidates' writing, coding, etc. abilities in real time.
  • Google Sheets used to track interview progress and status of each candidate. 
  • Hangouts Meet Also used for Face to Face interviews with remote candidates,...

"We have a team of young staff who are proficient in the web platform. We also received feedback from our employees that they were familiar with Google tools and wanted to use these tools in their daily work.” – Martijn Nykerk, Senior Consultant Group IT, Randstad.

If your business is also working in the service sector, hopefully the above examples can be helpful and suggest you how to apply Google Workspace to support employees and bring the best experience to customers.

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