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Introducing a redesigned search results page in Google Chat

What’s changing

Building on the improved search results recently announced in Google Chat, we're also upgrading the search results page to help you find the right message, file or space in Chat.

Specifically, Chat will now highlight relevant keywords in search results and display clear boundaries between results for easier browsing. The highlighted keywords may be an exact match to your search query or phrases that are related to your search query.

Who’s impacted

End users 

Why it’s important

This update improves content discovery by making it easier for you to quickly browse and locate search results in Chat.

Additional details

Search results are based on the exact query, as well as any additional queries that might have been triggered (secondary query, synonyms, spell corrections, etc).

Getting started

Rollout pace

  • This feature is now available to all users on web and mobile


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts
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