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Google adds to the Admin Console two new tools for Hangouts Meet

What’s new: Google is rolling out two new features in the Admin console to make it easier for G Suite admins to understand and manage the use of Hangouts Meet in their business. Specifically, Google added:

  • Mee Quality Assessment Tool: This tool gives you quick and easy access to meet the information needs of your business. With this piece of information, it will be easier for you to understand what happened in a meeting and what factors could be causing the quality problem, thereby greatly reducing the time looking for the cause.


Hangouts Meet quality tool


  • Hangouts Meet Activity Log: Admins will now be able to view Meet usage and quality information through the Meet activity log (which you'll find in Admin Console > Report > Audit > Hangouts Meet). This feature allows you to see more granularity of the Meet app in your business.


Who’s impacted

Only Admins


Why you’d use it

  • Meet Quality Management Tool: This is a tool designed to help you spot issues with meetings your employees have created. You can view and rate a specific meeting, or filter by time frame, location, device, or user. The data displayed in the Meet quality tool will appear in the Hangouts Meet Activity Log (explained below) for further analysis.
  • Hangouts Meet Activity Log (activity log): Every time a device or a user leaves a call, an “Activity Event” is generated to summarize the usage and quality of that call. This event will include information about the participating point (e.g. device type, location, IP, Identifier, or call rating), usage (e.g. video sharing time, screen sharing or audio), as well as network parameters (such as jitter, packet loss or RTT). Learn more about these data is displayed at the article in the Help Center.


The Hangouts Meet activity log provides data to better answer the following questions:

  • Is a video conferencing app helping to transform your business? (What if yes?
    • How long does each video call take per day/week for different groups of employees?
    • Does Meet support your business working remotely?
    • Analyze Hangouts Meet hardware usage. Does it change over time and location?
  • How does your network work and how does it affect the quality of your employees' video calls?
    • How do users rate the quality of calls in the business? Does it change over time and location?
    • What bandwidth does Meet use in general and by location?


How to start this feature?


  • For Admins:
    • Meet Quality Assessment Tool: To use this tool, you must be a Super Admin or someone with appropriate admin rights. Follow the instructions in the Help Center to learn more about assigning access to this tool.
    • Hangouts MeeT Activity Log: Go to the Admin console and go to Report > Audit > Hangouts Meet. Here you can extract data about your favorite analytics tool (using the Activity API or BigQuery for G Suite Enterprise customers) and then find answers to your questions its specific.


hangouts meet activity logs


  • For end users: No impact


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