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Google Calendar intelligently suggests meeting rooms for your meetings

What’s changing: Earlier this year, Google announced A new feature in Calendar, using Google's artificial intelligence, it can automatically suggest available meeting rooms based on the guest's location. Now, Google officially launched the feature with new, simpler ways to update the main work location of users in the enterprise..

Determine the main work location

As an admin, you can add primary work location information for all users. This could be the location of the office or building where users spend most of their time; or where there are groups, their desks. For users who do not have a main office (or fixed workplace), the job location can be set to “Working remotely”.

If you know the job positions of all users, you can update this information through GCDS or API folder.

If a user's location is unknown, you can allow employees to set their own location. Just go to Admin Console > Apps > G Suite > Settings for Directory > Edit profile and select “Work location.”

When activating this option:

  • Calendar will try to infer users' locations (Calendar will try to indicate the user's location). Based on the previously selected room, Calendar can infer the user's building and work floor, then automatically set their location. This setting can also detect changes in booking patterns and infer when the job location has changed (possibly because the office has changed) and suggest users update their new office.
  • Your users can update their main work locations themselves (Your users can update their primary job position themselves): With this setting, Users can set and update their own location in Calendar settings.

Please note, you must Update information about buildings and floors for your business first, then you can enter the user's main work location.

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Automatically suggest meeting rooms

This automatic meeting room recommendation feature can help event organizers easily book meeting rooms for all customers regardless of their location, thereby eliminating the difficulty of scheduling meetings. Once a user's location is added, they will immediately see suggested rooms appear.   

This launch, you'll see a new and enhanced tab to help you book rooms or other resources. This tab will suggest available rooms that are most suitable for each attendee. This recommendation is based on each individual participant's information (floor and building location, previous booking history, audio/video equipment needs, and room capacity requirements).  

In this tab, users will see the criteria considered when recommending a meeting room. They can adjust these criteria to fit their needs.

To open this feature, admins need to add meeting room details to Calendar and users must have a job position.

For more information about automatic room recommendations, you can visit the Help Center.

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