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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Give away 1000$ free credit

Gimasys - a senior partner in Vietnam was selected by Google to coordinate the implementation of the Google Cloud Platform Free Credit program as a gratitude to customers. The amount of Free Credit used to experience Google Cloud Platform services helps choose a plan that suits your needs, or gives businesses time to get used to installing and operating GCP.

What is Google Cloud Credits?

To help customers better understand Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google has launched the Google Cloud Credits program. Users can use their credits to access GCP services, such as building websites, building software in the Google Cloud ecosystem. It comes with a time limit and the price is based on the amount of credits available to the user.

With this program, Google targets businesses that want to experience Google Cloud services but are hesitant about the initial investment costs, worried about efficiency. This is also a way for Google to encourage businesses to catch up with the trend of converting to Cloud in today's digital age.

Program details

Program Rules

  • Customers who register for Bus/Ent Starter package: Customers will receive $1,000 Credits right after registration.
  • Premium Business packages: With a term of less than 3 years, customers will be added $10 for each registered seat, if the term is over 3 years, they will be added $15 for each registered seat.
  • Premium Enterprise packages: With a term of less than 3 years, customers will be added $15 for each registered seat, if the term is over 3 years, they will be added $20 for each registered seat.
  • Free Credit program will accumulate up to $10,000 VND.

Information note

  • No need to commit to using GCP.
  • Credit is valid for 12 months from the date of registration.
  • Do not accumulate GCP promotions, Free Credit will not be accumulated with other current programs.

For example

For example, when a customer registers for 200 seats Business Plus with a term of 1 year, the customer will receive a Free Credit with the value: $1000 + ($10 * 200seats) = $3000 GCP Credits, valid for 12 months.

General instructions and conditions to participate in the program

  • Participating customers need to register for at least 100 Google Workspace seats.
  • Participating customers need to register for a package for at least 1 year.
  • Includes new GCP customers or customers spending less than $1000 per month on GCP services.
  • Existing GCP programs cannot be accumulated, for example, customers cannot use this promotion and GC4S, CNSP, CCA promotions to accumulate credits – only 1 program can be joined at a time. You can join other programs if not suitable for the current program.
  • When Credits are used up, you can participate in another promotion.
  • No country and territory restrictions.

For businesses that do not have a need to register for Google Workspace

  • For new customers will receive Credit GCP up to 2.000$ if it is clear the purpose of using Credit from the business.
  • For Startup businesses, after being verified and approved, they will be able to participate in Startup-specific programs up to 100.000$ by Google .

Gimasys is proud to be Premier Partner of Google Cloud in Vietnam and has supported thousands of businesses to successfully transform digitally with Google Cloud, contact:

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