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What is Google Kubernetes Engine? Why choose Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine What is that? In addition to rapid application development and making it easier to deploy, update, and manage enterprise applications, what are the benefits and features of GKE? Let's find out with Gimasys in this article!

What is Google Kubernetes Engine?

It is a management and orchestration system for Docker containers (Docker Clusters) and container clusters running in public Google Cloud services. GKE is based on Kubernetes, an open source management system for optimal use, resizing and management of "contained" applications.

Why Google Kubernetes

HToday, more and more businesses are using Kubernetes - a container management platform, to simplify the process of deploying and managing applications. 

However, the deployment, management, expansion, and security of Kubernetes has a high complexity and requires infrastructure investment (on-premise), making it difficult, time consuming and difficult to apply in enterprises. expense.

DTo solve this problem, Google has pioneered in product research and development GKE to take full advantage of the advantages of Kubernetes as well as the power of Google Cloud Platform while developing more advanced features. GKE has brought a comprehensive management solution for Kubernetes cluster, ensuring the criteria of service quality, scalability on on-premise and on-cloud as well as system security and safety. 

Features and advantages of this system
Features and advantages of this system


Advantages of Google GKE

Fast processing speed

 Helping businesses optimize installation time. Users can install clusters to deploy applications with just a few clicks

Continuous operation with high availability

The built-in Google Cloud console stays on top of your apps. Periodically check to detect and replace applications that hang or crash during deployments.

Container simulation, automatic monitoring and repair help ensure availability of business services and provide the best user experience.

Google Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) continuously monitor clusters and compute, networking, and storage resources, giving you time to focus on your applications.

Workload Optimization

With the infrastructure available from Google, users only need to care about the application to be managed without caring about the hardware.

Automatically scale up according to your workload to save you money and get the most out of your resources

Safety and Security on Google Cloud

Connect and isolate containers no matter where you are using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Google's security system helps prevent any attack on your container

Move freely between On-premises and Clouds

GKE is really a comprehensive management solution for Kubernetes Cluster, ensuring the criteria of quality of service, scalability on-premise & on-cloud and safe system security.

You are free to move your applications out of GKE and run them anywhere that supports Kubernetes including on your own on-premise servers

You can tailor integrations such as monitoring, logging, and CI/CD using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and third-party solutions in the ecosystem.

Features of GKE

Identity and access management

Control access in the cluster with your Google account and the role permissions section.

Hybrid Networking

Set a range of IP addresses for the cluster, allowing your cluster IPs to coexist with private network IPs through Google Cloud VPN.

Security and standards

The system is backed by Google's security team of more than 750 experts and is both HIPAA and PCI DSS 3.1 compliant

Integrated Logging & Monitoring

Enable Stackdriver Logging and Stackdriver Monitor with simple checkbox settings, making it easier to understand how your applications are running.


Automatically scale your application deployments up and down based on resource usage. (CPU, memory)

Auto update

  • Automatically update your cluster with the latest version of Kubernetes. 
  • Rapid update release is available in GKE.

Auto Repair

When auto repair is enabled, if a test node fails GKE will initiate a repair process for that node.

Define resource limit

Allows you to define how much CPU and memory (RAM) each Container needs, used to optimize workloads in your cluster.

Support integration of all kinds of applications

The Kubernetes Engine isn't just for apps with the 12-factor standard. You can store persistently into containers and even archive entire databases.

Docker Image support

Supports all popular Docker container formats.

Fully managed

Kubernetes Engine clusters are fully managed by Google Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), ensuring that your cluster is available and up to date.

Containers-specific OS

GKE runs on Container-Optimized OS, an operating system created and managed by Google.

Security Containers

Integration with the Google Container Registry makes it easy to store and access your private Docker images.

Fast, appropriate deployment

Use Google Cloud Build to deploy your containers on GKE without setting up authentication.

Work flexibility, on-premises or cloud

Google GKE runs on the Kubernetes platform, enabling the ability to transfer work to other Kubernetes platforms across clouds and on-premises.

GPU support BETA

Kubernetes Engine supports GPUs and makes it easy to run ML, GPGPU, HPC and other jobs.

Integrated Dashboard

GCP Console provides useful Dashboard pages for your clusters and their resources. You can use these dashboard pages to view, audit, manage, and delete resources in your clusters.

Through the features and strengths of GKE, we can see that Google wants to use GKE as a bridge to change the story around the multi-cloud platform. The Google Cloud Platform ecosystem will benefit greatly from rapid Kubernetes adoption.

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