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New Google Sites: Easily Add Buttons to Improve Links

What's new?: Google is making it easy to add buttons to the new Google sites. These are programmed designs that can direct users to other content within your site, or to an external URL, with a single click.

Users are more likely to click on buttons than on hyperlinks (links inserted in words), so this is considered a great way to direct people to important content. For example, you can add a “Contact Us” button to encourage users to contact you.

Example: You can add a “Contact Us” button to your website

The buttons will automatically be adjusted to match the theme and colors your website has and can be resized easily through the interface. This will help you:

  • Easily navigate users in your website
  • Increase visibility and attraction of important links
  • Keep your website looking stable and attractive

Now that you can add buttons with just a few clicks, Google hopes you can easily create engaging web pages that direct users to relevant content. Visit Google's Help Center to learn more about how to add, edit or remove buttons.


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