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Google Vault: New settings for Hangouts Meet and Drive, improved search & data extraction

What’s changing: Google introduced a new feature in the Google Vault that allows for more granular data storage and a more transparent search experience. These features help retain exactly the data you need and by doing so you can reduce the risk of being liable for that data. In addition, it also improves the eDiscovery process with better search and extraction capabilities.

Retention policies – Set retention policies for Hangouts Meet recordings

Previously, Hangouts Meet recordings were subject to applicable Drive retention rules. With this launch, you can set up default or custom retention rules specific to Hangouts Meet. This will allow you to set a shorter retention period for Meet recordings if, for example, they contain more sensitive content than other data.

Retention policies – Set retention policies for files in the Drive . recycle bin

As a G Suite admin, you can also now set up custom retention rules specifically for Drive files that have been deleted by users. This customization provides more flexibility for organizations that want control over their lifecycle files have been deleted by the user – separate from files that are still used in their My Drive and Team Drives.

Improve search on a large scale

With this launch, Google has made searching for entire domains and larger organization units easier and more transparent. If the type of data you're looking for is domain-wide supported, you'll be able to select “All accounts” to expand your search.  

Once the Vault processes your broad search request, you'll see a display of the search process and duration. You can also choose to cancel your search or search in a new tab.

When your search is complete, in addition to the results you're looking for, you'll now see the total time for that search. For Gmail searches, you'll also see the total number of accounts searched and the number of accounts searched per second. This will give you a feel for the Vault's performance during wide-area searches.

Easier extraction in Hangouts Chat

Google has also made it easy for organizations  bulk extraction data in Hangouts Chat. Here, the data extracted from Hangouts Chat will be compressed into small files. Previously, each file was a conversation, but now multiple conversations will be in the same file, until the file is full, then move to another file.

For example, in the past, 100 conversations would be extracted into 100 MBOX or PST files. With the launch of this new feature, those 100 conversations will be extracted into one or two MBOX/PST files, making it simpler to process the results.

Additionally, each Chat conversation will continue to have metadata associated with it, but with two new sections: (1) Conversation type (direct messaging or chat room messages) and (2) permissions owner of the conversation (group name or list of accounts – separated by commas) that have participated in a direct message segment).


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