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What is Google Workspace Individual? Compare Google Workspace Individual and Business

Is a service package designed by Google towards businesses that only need to register for one individual, Google Workspace Individual Officially available on the market from August 2022 and possesses many superior features compared to the free Google version. 

What is Google Workspace Individual? 

Google Workspace Individual is an upgrade to the free personal version of Google, it will help improve issues limited to the free personal version such as extending meeting time on Google Meet, increasing storage capacity store or receive support from the Google team.  

Google Workspace Individual feature? 

Some outstanding features of Google Workspace Individual compared to the free version include: 

  • Google Meet
    • Group meeting time increased to 24 hours
    • Supports live streaming of meetings to YouTube
    • Record the meeting
    • Use noise cancellation
    • Join the meeting by phone
    • Use breakout rooms, transcripts, raise hands, and polls during meetings
    • Add co-hosts to the meeting
    • Ask participants questions
    • View the list of meeting participants
  • Gmail
    • Customize the layouts included in your subscription with your choice of colors, images, and more. 
    • Personalize emails with names and other information on Google Sheets with the Mail Merge feature.
    • Create newsletters and announcements with branded information using customizable layouts.
  • Google Calendar.
    • Create multiple appointment types with a separate schedule and booking page. Avoid scheduling conflicts with support for multiple calendars, improve attendance with email reminders, collect payments with Stripe, and more.
    • Share appointments via web or mobile devices
    • Add an appointment booking button to your website
    • Embed an appointment booking page on your website
    • Set the start and end date of your appointment
    • Select a sub-schedule to determine free/busy status when booking
    • Change the free/busy status of a specific day
    • Add waiting time between appointments
    • Set the maximum number of appointments
    • Email verification is required for appointments
    • Accept payments for booked appointments
    • Edit the appointment booking form
    • Send reminder email
  • Storage capacity
    • 1 TB cloud storage, Securely store, share, and collaborate on files and folders using any device
  • Integrated electronic signature: 
    • Save time when signing contracts with electronic signatures. The built-in electronic signature functionality in Docs can help you create agreements with customers.

Difference between google workspace individual vs google workspace business

Google Workspace individual Google Workspace Business
The service package is only for 1 individual, similar to the free personal gmail package Service packages for businesses in all segments
Custom emails based on individual domains are not supported Supports custom emails according to the business's own domain name
Supports basic features in the Google Workspace package, does not support additional extended features  There are full features from basic to advanced in the Google Workspace package (additional support for duet AI, Appsheet), supports easy add-on expansion with 3rd parties

Above is general information about the version Google Workspace Individual, if your business is very small and only wants to unlock some limitations of the free Gmail version and access some more advanced features of the Google Workspace version, you can choose the Individual version, in case the company has If you want to purchase a service package for 2 or more users or want to use custom email, consider choosing to register for our packages. Google Workspace Business (Starter, Standard, Enterprise…)

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