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Top 4 Most Prestigious Domain Email Services Today

Currently on the market there are many email solutions by domain name, from both domestic units and famous global names that businesses can choose from. Just buy a domain and prepare an email address for registration, you can quickly do it yourself Create email under business domain name own. However, email is not only a tool for exchanging information, it also contains a lot of business data. How is the spam filtering system? How is the mailbox designed? Can users easily access it from a variety of devices? Does the email you send reach the recipient?... A top quality email solution will meet all these requirements: Security - No spam, through a stable system. This article will help you get the latest review information about the top 4 most reputable email services by domain name today, including Google Workspace (old G Suite) – Office 365 – Zoho – Email Hosting

The top most reputable email services by domain name are evaluated based on what factors?

Every business wants an email solution that is fast, secure, and reliable; Along with that, the capacity is large enough to comfortably store messages and attachments. However, there will be businesses that simply need an email address to send and receive. Others will require a total solution, email is integrated in a productivity tool and can flexibly increase or decrease the number of users according to the development scale.

Criteria for selecting the top 4 best email services by domain name

The 4 best email solutions were selected thanks to their ability to meet many important criteria below:

  • Expense: Depending on your budget, all four of these solutions can be a suitable choice with different versions that are flexible in terms of cost and payment terms.
  • User-friendliness level: In terms of user-friendly interface, Gmail is considered top because it can be easily used on web-mail and mobile apps. The interface of outlook, zoho or Mail Hosting will be a bit more difficult for users to use. Installing and administering Email systems is not too complicated, but to optimize the system, you can receive support services from industry experts. 
  • Storage capacity: With options specifically for businesses, providers often start with quite comfortable capacity, from 5GB - 30GB to unlimited. Or to save costs, you can start with a small capacity and buy more when needed.
  • Ability to integrate with third-party applications and other software: Each solution has an extensive collection of applications developed by their partners. If your business wants to integrate with other software such as CRM, ERP,... can all be learned and implemented.
  • Ability to grow and expand: It is the number of emails that users can create and other features such as email alias
  •  Customer support service: Depending on the service provider you choose to register, there will be different experiences, most of the time receiving and responding to customer requests is via email support, phone, etc. For units that do not Based in Vietnam, they also have their authorized partners to support you.

With the ability to meet most of the above criteria, you can safely refer to and choose from one of these solutions. The analysis section below will add some outstanding features of each application, helping you easily choose the solution that suits your business's requirements.  

Email solutions by reputable domain name

1. Google Workspace (G Suite) by Google 

Google Workspace service from Google

Launched in 2004 Also known as Google Apps for work, later renamed G Suite and currently Google Workspace - this is a set of multi-purpose applications on the platform Google Cloud Helps users work effectively on the same management interface with a number of outstanding applications including: Gmail, Google Meet, Google Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Sites…. Built specifically for businesses.

With prices from 4.2$/month/account depending on the version, the application in Google Workspace will fully meet the needs of business management and operations with a friendly interface, spam and virus filtering security up to 99%. according to international standards. With more than 1 billion active users worldwide, more than 5 million businesses are registered to use Google Workspace with big names such as Boeing, Salesforce, PwC, Colgate-Palmolive,... Google products certainly cannot stand outside the top. services business email Most reputable and highest quality, verified by users. 

Currently Google Workspace has the following versions: Google Workspace business starter – Google Workspace business standard – Google Workspace business plus Google Workspace EnterpriseGoogle Workspace for Education that you can learn about Detailed features of each version here. The minimum capacity a user has is 30GB - double that of a free Gmail account. Higher versions have unlimited Cloud storage.

Advantages of Google Workspace - Gmail by business domain name

About Gmail by business domain: You can be completely assured about all the necessary elements of a quality email solution:

  • Google commits to uptime up to 99.9%.
  • Data is encrypted and stored in many different data centers so it is almost impossible to lose it due to any incident.
  • Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence technology - AI and Machine Learning, Google has built an effective system Protect users from spam. 
  • The email interface is familiar, easy to see, and can quickly process emails (you can delete, hide, view attachments, etc.) without having to open each message. Especially because customers who are used to using personal gmail switch to it business gmail The more quickly you get used to it without having to waste time and money on user training. 
  • New features added to meet user requests: Gmail offline, schedule sending messages, send self-destructing messages (confidential mode),...
  • Manage and organize emails by item: Unlike the folder feature in Outlook, users can Use a label to attach to each email. In this way, each email can belong to many different folders.

Not only Gmail, Google Workspace also has many other applications that you can use and make your workflow more efficient. Find out more What does Google Workspace have besides business Gmail?

To experience the Google Workspace service for free, you can register here: Sign up for a free trial of Google Workspace

Which businesses is Google Workspace suitable for?

Small and medium-sized businesses with rapid growth and the need to expand their scale of operations in the future. Google Workspace will provide a toolkit with many useful applications at a competitive price and easily accommodate future development. Of course, large corporations and companies in Vietnam such as Masan, Coc Coc, VN Airlines,... also do not hesitate to add their names to the golden list of units applying Google solutions at Gimasys.

2. Microsoft's Office 365 – Outlook by business domain

Office 365 service 

Just like Google Workspace, Office 365 is not just an email solution but also a suite of productivity tools, including solutions familiar to users such as Word, Excel PowerPoint. With prices ranging from 2.5$ - 35$/account/month depending on the combination of web applications and applications installed on the computer,... Office 365 is often suitable for businesses that are familiar with the system. Microsoft ecosystem and need many applications specifically designed for each task. 

Since both Microsoft and Google toolkits are designed and developed with many similarities, you can refer to this section. Business Email: Compare Google Workspace and Office 365 when considering these two options. 

Overall, the most outstanding feature of Office 365 is its extremely generous storage capacity with 50GB for mailboxes and 1TB for OneDrive storage service. Besides, if your users are familiar with using Word, Excel, Skype,... then Office 365 is also a good choice. However, you need to consider the pricing policy and applications that will be included in each package because Microsoft designed this section to be quite flexible, if not complicated.

Which businesses is Office 365 suitable for?

Large, well-established businesses need an email solution and access to a variety of specialized applications.

3. Zoho – Email service by domain name

Zoho domain email service

Zoho mail offers paid plans starting from 1$ to 4$/user month (when committed to an annual purchase). Of course, with this cost, you will also have to endure many limitations and as your business grows, sooner or later you will have to upgrade to higher versions or to another solution due to integration issues. extension case:

  • Mail Lite, Standard, Professional versions: also start from 5GB - 30GB - 100GB and add some other features such as using multiple domains, IMAP, POP,...

Although there are also some applications such as calendars, Docs, Sheets, Shows... to create documents, in general these applications are not Zoho's "bread and butter" and are less appreciated by users. use, compared to Google Workspace or Office 365.

Which businesses is Zoho suitable for?

Newly established businesses do not have much budget for a software system or their needs only stop at simply sending and receiving emails. 

4. Email Hosting 

mail hosting service

Mail hosting is an email service provided on a separate server system, using a traditional technology platform (on-premise) and only supports sending and receiving Mail. Because the providers will install software on the server and then install many customer email domains on the same server, resulting in the system running unstable.

Because the servers are located in Vietnam and sometimes the servers themselves are unstable, So when moving abroad, communicating via email may be difficult. Besides, when using a mail hosting service you will see that they have downtime, that is, downtime, the time a system is inaccessible. This time period will be planned by the units in advance (planned downtime) and there will be times that they cannot predict (unplanned downtime), this will affect the information flow and work of customers. .

The security issue of the system will completely depend on the security capabilities of the admin, the company's IT staff, and also on the security features of the hosting provider (these units usually do not have security features). security certificates/standards, not IT audited...). In addition, the mail hosting system also lacks transparent reports (login time, activity log tracking...), does not have multi-layer login authentication features, or unusual access warnings. In particular, issues related to documents and sent content are not supported or require additional fees and support from third parties.

For a mail system, support issues throughout the period of use also need to be carefully considered. Many businesses using mail hosting have fallen into a situation of laughing and crying. Once the payment has been made, it is time for the supplier to "put their children on the market". Therefore, businesses should learn carefully about the supplier's SLA, especially for businesses that do not have an IT department.

Current mail hosting providers often sell this Mail solution in packages with a fixed number of users and a certain capacity. For example, the price of a package includes 10 emails, 50 emails, 100 emails... plus the cost of creating and selling security support packages...


With the information provided above, hopefully you already have in mind the ideal domain email solution for your business. An important note when choosing any solution is that you should not only depend on price, you need to consider other factors related to the price. the company's development scalability, working style, company culture, user habits, security capabilities, …The reason is because registration and installation are simple, but over time, these solutions will accumulate all of the company's data, and switching to another solution if it is not effective will cost a lot of money. time and budget of the business.

Contact Gimasys for advice on a conversion strategy suitable to your business's actual situation and to experience the application suite for free.Google Workspace customers from Google: 

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