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[Update] Instructions on how to rent Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS (Cloud Virtual Private Server), also known as Cloud Server, is a type of virtual server that operates independently, including its own RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, Disk and many other resources. This is a very useful VPS when you need to optimally scale your website or web application to meet growing demand. In this article, Gimasys will guide you on how to rent Cloud VPS in as much detail as possible so that businesses can make appropriate choices.

Choose appropriate VPS parameters

To choose a suitable VPS, you need to clearly know your needs and consider the following technical factors: 

  • RAM: This is an indispensable factor that determines the data processing speed and performance of the server. The more RAM there is, the better the speed and data retrieval ability of the VPS server will be. However, you should choose RAM that suits your website traffic and optimize it according to your needs. For example, if using for WordPress, you should choose a VPS with at least 1GB of RAM. 
  • SWAP: Is virtual memory that helps process data when RAM is overloaded. Although not often used, SWAP is very useful in emergencies. 
  • Hard Drive (Disk): This is an important component in storing data and system files. Two common types of Disk are 
    • HDD: Ordinary hard drive, cheap, large capacity but slow speed and prone to damage causing data loss.
    • SSD: High-end hard drive has high speed, good durability, ensures data safety during use but has a high price.
  • CPU Core: The CPU's processing core, determines the speed and processing capacity of the server. The more cores, the faster and more powerful the processing ability. Cloud VPS service providers design the default number of cores from 1 - 6.
  • Bandwidth: Determines the server's data transfer rate. The wider the bandwidth, the faster and smoother the access speed. 
  • IP Address: You will receive an IP address when you rent a VPS. 
  • Operating System: Two popular options are Windows and Linux. Linux is flexible and user-friendly, supports many applications, and costs less. 
  • Webserver Administration (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Parallels Plesk): cPanel, DirectAdmin and Parallels Plesk are three types of Webserver Control Panel for physical servers (Dedicated servers) as well as virtual servers (VPS). They play an important role in configuring and managing web servers. When you rent a VPS, you can choose to add these types of control panels as required. 
    • cPanel: This is one of the most popular and effective control panels today. If you have used a Shared hosting plan, you may be familiar with the cPanel X administration interface, part of cPanel. 
    • DirectAdmin: Provides similar functionality to cPanel but is less popular. Although not as diverse in functions as cPanel, DirectAdmin has a cost advantage, lower than cPanel. 
    • Parallels Plesk: Similar to cPanel and DirectAdmin in terms of functionality, but Parallels Plesk is capable of supporting both Windows and Linux VPS.
  • Uptime: An important index that reflects server stability. The higher the Uptime, the more stable the server operation.

Storage Cloud is a business data storage service provided by Google Cloud.

How to rent VPS hosting service

Although choosing to rent a Cloud VPS that suits your budget and usage needs is something that many people are always aware of needing to do, not everyone can easily find the perfect service package. In fact, the variety of service packages that each provider designs can make it difficult for users to choose. It's not just a matter of price, but also factors like performance, security, technical support, and included features. 

In this case, seeking advice from a trusted partner like Gimasys becomes extremely important. Gimasys provides professional and personalized consulting services, helping you clearly identify your specific needs and find the most suitable Cloud VPS package. Our team of experts will help you clearly understand each option, instruct you on how to rent Cloud VPS in the most detailed way, thereby making the correct decision, ensuring you get the best value from your investment. into Cloud VPS service.

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