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Mixpanel and BigQuery break down silos and democratize data insights

In today's digital world, the abundance of data is both an asset and a challenge. Companies have access to vast amounts of information, but harnessing this data effectively is difficult. Data is spread across numerous sources, making it hard to gather and analyze cohesively. Even when the data is readily accessible, interpreting it poses several bottlenecks. Teams either need technical skills, such as proficiency in SQL, or must patiently wait for busy data analyst teams to provide insights. This process ultimately slows down decision-making and inhibits progress for product and marketing teams.

This is where Mixpanel and Google Cloud come into the picture. Google Cloud BigQuery allows teams to centralize their data in a single, scalable repository, enabling data consistency and integrity for accurate analysis. At the same time, Mixpanel makes this data analysis more accessible. It allows product and marketing teams to perform quick, exploratory analysis independently, without needing advanced technical skills, leading to quicker and more informed decisions.

With Mixpanel's major release Warehouse Connectors , the integration between Google Cloud and Mixpanel is now easier to set up and maintain. This integration allows for enriching product and marketing data in Mixpanel with source-of-truth data from BigQuery, providing a comprehensive view that links product and marketing efforts to tangible business outcomes.

At the same time, Mixpanel product data can be centralized in BigQuery for additional value in the Google ecosystem, such as integrating with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to enhance machine learning models. Teams can train more accurate models at scale, as well as more cost effectively with product data for personalized recommendations, user segmentation, and predictive analytics.

Here are just a few examples of the vital business use cases Mixpanel and BigQuery unlock.

Four ways for teams to leverage Mixpanel and Google Cloud

Understand how users move through your product

Product interaction data is plentiful, but tying actions into a cohesive user experience is where real insights can come from. With product data from BigQuery, Mixpanel can help visualize user paths, segment power users, and understand conversion drivers. Product teams can then use data to prioritize a roadmap, align teams, and measure impact.

Optimize ROI on marketing spend

With Mixpanel and BigQuery, marketers gain rapid access to vital data for optimizing both awareness and conversion strategies. By analyzing KPIs like bounce rate or delving into attribution and campaign performance, they can make more informed decisions. Marketers can also enrich their Mixpanel analysis by leveraging CRM data such as customer interactions, purchase history, and preferences, to tailor campaigns with a more personalized touch. This centralized, cross-functional data in BigQuery, when synced with Mixpanel, offers marketers a holistic understanding of their users. It reveals not just how campaigns perform, but also their impact on customer engagement and product stickiness, leading to more effective and customer-centric marketing strategies.

See critical revenue breakdowns and tie initiatives to business impact

With revenue as the bottom line, organizations have much to gain from allowing teams to see how much they are moving the needle. By pulling revenue data from BigQuery into Mixpanel, impact becomes tangible for everyone. Revenue teams can easily answer baseline questions such as competitive win rates or average deal size across geographies. Meanwhile, product and marketing teams are able to tie their efforts into business impacts, like determining which campaigns account for the most revenue or which features are most utilized by high-paying customers.

Leverage machine learning to enhance product strategy and predict outcomes

By integrating product data from Mixpanel into Vertex AI via BigQuery, organizations can harness the power of machine learning to gain predictive insights for their product development. Vertex AI can analyze patterns in product usage, customer behavior, and market trends, helping teams forecast demand, identify potential product enhancements, and customize user experiences. Product and marketing teams can use these insights to tailor their strategies, focusing on features that attract high-value customers or drive significant revenue. 

What this partnership means for customers

Mixpanel and Google Cloud’s partnership brings together comprehensive, trusted data with the ability for anyone to derive insights from it. With this combination, data is no longer out of reach or dependent on certain technical teams catering answers to everyone.

"Our partnership with Google Cloud builds on our vision to make deep analysis approachable for everyone," says Neil Rahilly, VP of Product & Design at Mixpanel. "By combining Mixpanel's self-serve analytics with the reliable, extensive data from Google BigQuery, we're empowering all teams to access insights faster and more efficiently than ever before, driving smarter decision-making across the board."

For more information about getting started, try out Mixpanel today and learn more about BigQuery.

The Built with BigQuery advantage for ISVs and data providers

Built with BigQuery helps companies like Mixpanel build innovative applications with Google Data and AI Cloud. Participating companies can:

  • Accelerate product design and architecture through access to designated experts who can provide insight into key use cases, architectural patterns, and best practices
  • Amplify success with joint marketing programs to drive awareness, generate demand, and increase adoption

BigQuery gives ISVs the advantage of a powerful, highly scalable unified AI lakehouse that’s integrated with Google Cloud’s open, secure, sustainable platform. Click here to learn more about Built with BigQuery.

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