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More control over Apps Script with Google Cloud Console

What changed?

We've changed the way Apps Script manages Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects. This will help IT Admins manage these projects and simplify how developers also manage projects. New Apps Script GCP projects will now reside in a new folder (script applications) in the GCP resource hierarchy. This means that new Apps Script projects will be governed by the organization policies defined for GCP projects by IT admins.



Who’s impacted

Admins, Apps Script developers and end users of Apps Script projects.



Why you’d use it

  • Provides IT admins with additional controls: This feature helps make Apps Script projects more secure by providing more control and visibility over these projects to IT admins. Admins who have not defined organization policies can now do so to control Apps Script projects. Admins who have defined organization policies are now guaranteed that those policies will also be applied to Apps Script projects.


  • Simplify developer project management: Developers no longer need to visit the Cloud Console to enable the Google API – simply enabling it in the Apps Script editor is now all you need.


  • Remove the 'risk' label for the end user: End users of internally created Script projects will no longer see those projects labeled at risk when they visit the Google Security Checkup tool at



How does it start?

  • Admins: Check your organization policy that will apply to new App Script projects.
  • Developers : Do nothing.
  • End users: Nothing to do



Additional details

When the Apps Script project is created, the GCP project is also created and associated with it. This GCP project controls a wide range of configurations and settings, including API access, G Suite Marketplace API configuration for publishing add-ons, access to Stackdriver logs, etc.


Previously, these GCP Apps Script projects existed outside of the resource hierarchy. New Apps Script projects will now be categorized by a new application scripts folder in the resource hierarchy, specifically at the organization root > system-gsuite (new) > apps-script ( new).


This means that they will be governed by your organization's policies, giving you centralized and programmatic control over your organization's cloud resources. Policies that can be managed here include the ability to restrict allowed domains included in ACL projects for the Cloud, specifying restricted APIs that Cloud projects can access, and blocking GCP project creates new GCE instances.




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