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Things you didn't know about the new Gmail interface

Since its launch, G Suite has been helping businesses transform the way they work by bringing cloud-based collaboration tools to the app. Now, Google is delivering a hugely important innovation to help the more than four million people who use G Suite work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. During this restoration, you will find: The all-new Gmail interface, with enhanced security features, applications using Google's artificial intelligence, and much more are integrated in this update.

To be able to use the new Gmail interface, first log in to the company's Gmail, go to the settings and select Try the new Gmail

You will then see a completely new Gmail interface with a lot of features and applications added to help you handle your daily work, especially when the amount of emails you receive every day gradually becomes "too much". load".

1. Protect sensitive information with Gmail's security features

Keeping user information secure is always a top priority, so last month, Google introduced the new feature. phishing alert – to prevent danger from emails posing as work – Business Email Compromise, or when someone pretends to be a director to get confidential information, request a transfer, etc. With new protections, Gmail has successfully prevented 99.9% threats by sending warnings to users or automatically move those emails to the Spam folder.

In this "great update" of Google, you will see the feature Gmail Confidential Mode – Gmail confidential information protection mode, this is a new feature to protect users' information. With Confidential mode, you can:

  • Set expiration date: Protect sensitive content in your email by Set expiration date or cancel/revoke previously sent emails. For example, you set the email to "expire" after 7 days, after that date the recipient will no longer be able to see the email content.
  • Require a passcode: In particular, with emails containing sensitive information such as personal information, passwords, etc., you can also require the recipient to authenticate one more time, by selecting Require a passcode – then, the recipient must have a code that Google sends to be able to open and view the email. With this feature, even if the recipient's account is hacked, you can rest assured that your information is always safe!
Tính năng "tuyệt mật" trong Gmail giúp bảo vệ những thông tin nhạy cảm
Gmail's 'top secret' feature helps protect sensitive information
  • Remove option to forward, copy, download, print: With Information Right Management (IRM) built into Gmail, you can control the email you send by block the right to forward, copy, download or print an email that you send. This feature helps to reduce the risk of information leakage when an email is accidentally sent to the wrong person.

In addition, Gmail has also redesigned the warning content - with information displayed in larger, bold letters - to make it easier for users to understand and know what to do next with potentially risky emails.

Tính năng "tuyệt mật" trong Gmail giúp bảo vệ những thông tin nhạy cảm 1

Note: Điều này không có nghĩa là Gmail scan nội dung email của bạn để bán cho các đơn vị quảng cáo và trong khi đã using G Suite, you also find that ads don't appear in these apps.

2. Manage mailboxes more efficiently and easily with artificial intelligence in Gmail

It is an undeniable fact that we are receiving far more emails than we can handle. However, with features using artificial intelligence such as Nudging, Smart Reply or notifications of priority tasks, Gmail is now not only a place to send and receive regular mail, but will become a tool. Effectively help you handle daily tasks.

  • Nudging: Like it means, this feature is like a "push" to proactively remind you of things that you "almost forgot". Sometimes there are so many emails and requests that you will miss some tasks.
Gmail will remind you when there are too many emails to handle
Gmail will remind you when there are too many emails to handle
  • Smart Reply: This feature was introduced by Google last year to the Gmail mobile app and has now been integrated into Gmail on the web interface to help you reply to messages faster.
  • High-priority notifications: This is a mobile feature designed to help you minimize "interrupting" messages by notifying you only about important emails. Using artificial intelligence, Gmail will also give advice on when you should Unscribe a news site, based on how many emails you receive from the sender and which of these include how many emails you actually open and read.
The new Gmail will also send notifications in a smarter way
The new Gmail will also send notifications in a smarter way

Before this restructuring of the Gmail interface, Jo-ann Olsovsky, vice president and chief information technology officer of Salesforce had to comment that:The new easy-to-use interface and the support of artificial intelligence help our employees collaborate faster, smarter, and spend less time on things like managing boxes. incoming mail and have more time to focus on the customer. This is extremely important when our work requires the ability to exchange information quickly and securely with partners around the world.

3. Get more done in just the inbox view

Google has redesigned the Gmail web interface to help you get more done, faster:

  • You can see and click to view attachments in an email right in the Inbox interface, instead of having to open the email to view the file like before.
  • When hovering over incoming emails (you don't even have to click to open any of them, just hover over them), you can also:
    • Accept an invitation and add it to your calendar
    • Archive that email or delete it or mark as unread.
    • Snooze: set an “alarm” for this email. When you snooze an email that arrives tomorrow/the day after tomorrow/next week, the email will be temporarily hidden and reappear later.
You can do more in your Inbox without having to open your email
You can do more in your Inbox without having to open your email

Besides, Gmail has also been integrated and tightly linked into other G Suite applications that you use every day. Now you can quickly:

  • Check your calendar, create or edit a meeting on Calendar
  • Quickly save ideas or notes information to Google Keeps
  • Create and manage a To-do list – a to-do list in the control bar to the right of your inbox.
  • Cài đặt các ứng dụng bổ sung – third party add-on mà bạn cần vào thanh điều khiển bên phải đó. Bằng cách này, bạn sẽ không phải di chuyển qua lại giữa các tab hay các ứng dụng để hoàn thành công việc nữa. Trong vài tháng tới, bạn sẽ có thể trực tiếp mở công cụ soạn thảo văn bản Google Docs, Sheets hay Slides trực tiếp từ Inbox.
The applications that you often use will gradually be integrated in the right navigation bar
The applications that you often use will gradually be integrated in the right navigation bar

In addition, a new feature specifically designed to access Gmail Offline on the web will help you get work done even when there is a network error or even no wifi connection. You will still be able to find, compose, reply to, delete or archive emails that have been archived in your mailbox within the previous 90 days. This feature will be available in the next few weeks.

As mentioned above, Google introduced the app Tasks – has task management for Gmail both on the web and on mobile, so you can manage your work from anywhere. You can use Tasks to create main tasks, sub-tasks and even add deadlines with reminder notifications for these tasks.

Các ứng dụng mà bạn hay dùng sẽ dần dần được tích hợp trong thanh điều hướng bên phải 3

And because Tasks tightly integrated with G Suite, you can easily drag and drop an email from Gmail into Tasks to create a to-do list. Tasks with deadlines will appear on your Calendat. You can also download Tasks for your mobile on the Google Play Store or iOS App store today.

*Note: New Gmail features and updates will gradually roll out and appear in the G Suite user interface. With the overhaul of Google's Gmail interface, you should definitely consider making G Suite your top priority when choosing a solution. email for business.

If you are still confused when investing in Gmail, you can refer to What makes Gmail different from other email systems? on the market today.


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