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The top 8 products startups use on Google Cloud

Startups worldwide turn to Google Cloud tools to build fast on a strong and easy to use platform that helps them get to market and launch products faster, all while building on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Startups leverage Google Cloud and our Google Cloud for Startups Cloud Program to go from idea to IPO and there are many products on Google Cloud that can help them.

Top products that startups use on Google CloudHere are the 8 top products that startups use on Google Cloud to innovate and grow:

Firebase for app development

Speed up innovation with Firebase, a mobile development platform that’s fully integrated with Google Cloud. Work in a simpler cloud environment, easily pull in products or services, and build your apps faster.

Cloud SQL for database needs

Build your startup’s foundation with Cloud SQL, a fully managed relational database solution that integrates with Google Cloud services. Create and connect to your first database in minutes and scale with a single API call.

AI and machine learning products

Giải quyết các vấn đề khó khăn với AI and machine learning products, được xây dựng bằng công nghệ tốt nhất của Google. Đào tạo các mô hình deep learning và machine learning với chi phí hiệu quả để bạn có thể lặp đi lặp lại và đổi mới nhanh hơn.

BigQuery for data analytics

Drive agility with BigQuery, a serverless, cost-effective, multi-cloud data warehouse. Query streaming data in real time, predict business outcomes with built-in machine learning, and share analytics with just a few clicks.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for containers

Unlock faster, more secure app development with GKE, GKE is the most scalable Kubernetes platform. Streamline operations with release channels that fit your business needs and leave cluster monitoring to Google engineers.

Looker for data visualization

Get more from your data to stay ahead of the competition with Looker, a trusted business intelligence and data platform. Generate real-time reports and get insights at the right time with proactive alerts.

Cloud Run for serverless computing

Create scalable containerized apps in any programming language on Cloud Run, a fully managed compute platform. Pair it with container tools like Cloud Build and Docker, and only pay when your code is running.

Cloud Armor for security

Protect your startup from Web attacks with Cloud Armor, a leading distributed denial of service (DDOS) defense. Use it with HTTP Load Balancer for Managed Instance Groups across regions to keep your workloads available and secure.

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