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G Suite Alert Center is widely deployed for security

What’s new: Alert Center – G Suite alert center is being widely deployed by Google to users.. Alert Center provides a comprehensive, unified view of the alarms. notices, warnings and security-related activities across the entire G Suite range. Notification Center was previously available beta version and help businesses using G Suite detect threats and take action to mitigate them.


G Suite Alert Center - G Suite alert center


Alert Center is a place to centrally manage all necessary notifications


Alert Center brings together warnings about some of the most important security concerns, including Gmail account, phishing & malware alerts, and device management. These warnings cover some of the following scenarios:


Account warning alerts: These alerts will cover seven different scenarios, from accounts suspended due to suspicious activity to warnings about government-backed attacks.


Gmail phishing and malware warning: Google leverages machine learning programs to identify threat indicators and detect malware threats. Google will show warnings for potentially malicious IP addresses, even if they are whitelisted (list of trusted addresses). In addition, the company will also display potential phishing events, including messages that have been quarantined or classified.


G Suite Alert Center - G Suite Alert Center


Device management alert: Google looks at various device properties to determine if a user's device is jailbroken (for iOS) or rooted (for Android). These alerts will be displayed along with other device management alerts, providing information about devices with suspicious activity.


G Suite alert Center - G Suite alert center


Google operation alert: Google Operations Alerts will provide details on security and privacy issues affecting enterprise G Suite services.


Alerts will link to specific information and remedial steps


For each alert, Google has expert knowledge articles to help admins learn about them. When necessary, Google will also send links that admins can use to take actions to help remediate the threat.

Links to these resources are accessible from the alert details page in the Admin console. They can help admins take immediate action to protect users and fix problems.


Alert Center builds on security center functionality


The unified view that the alert center offers will help all G Suite admins manage alerts more effectively, providing insights that help them assess the level of risk they're facing, both at home and abroad. enterprise level and user level.


In addition, businesses using the G Suite Enterprise edition can use the Security Center – Security Center of G Suite for an overview of problems. For any alert in the Alert center, a G Suite Enterprise admin can find a unique link. This link will trigger a pre-configured query in investigation tool. This helps admins go from detection to remediation with just a few clicks.


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