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Webinar Google Workspace& AppSheet: Automate and Secure your business process

With the trend of working and collaborating online in 2021 and the first half of 2022, Google has updated the new features of Google Workspace. On July 15, 2022, Gimasys held "Webinar Google Workspace & AppSheet: Automate and Secure your business process” to bring new updates to customers and especially AppSheet – the no-code platform development application.

In 2021 and the first half of 2022, Google has updated many features and tools in the Google Workspace ecosystem to bring more convenience and convenience to users.

Google has improved with nearly 300 updates ranging from collaborative tools (collaboration), administration (admin), .. Under the influence of Covid-19 in 2021, updates are automatic and secure information, working data from much further away. The first half of 2022, Google adds and brings 100+ updates in the system Google Workspace customers, in which, centralized management occupies 27.1% total.

Along with promoting convenience - integration - automation, AppSheet also added more, promising to be a no-code platform development application for IT professionals according to their own needs based on the environment of Google Workspace. With AppSheet , we can completely flexibly, automatically, manage with the most economical and optimized costs on the Google Workspace ecosystem.

AppSheet - no-code platform development app
AppSheet – ứng dụng phát triển nền tảng no-code

Via “Webinar Google Workspace& AppSheet: Automate and Secure your business process”, with the sharing of the speaker, we can confirm that "no-code" has become a popular trend in building and developing applications. And the use AppSheet – Google’s “no-code” platform – will help users build friendly applications that fit the company's culture and tradition.

Depends on your needs and specifics AppSheet will also be more flexible in terms of features to maximize support in the management and development of each business. Application AppSheet included and listed on the list of mobile and desktop applications with powerful features as follows:

  • Capture Images
  • Log Locations
  • Scan Barcodes
  • Deliver Notifications
  • Generate Reports
  • Send Emails
  • Build Dashboards
  • Accept Signatures
  • Work Offline
  • Install Across Devices
  • Integrate Platforms
  • Apply Logic

Through the introduction to AppSheet, cCustomers attending the webinar not only listen but also exchange, interact and connect with speakers about trends and challenges when fully digitizing data but still ensuring automation. ) and security.

Some pictures of “Webinar Google Workspace& AppSheet: Automate and Secure your business process”.

Image of Webinar Google Workspace& AppSheet

Image of Webinar Google Workspace& AppSheet 1

With over 17 years of experience, International Management System Integration Co., Ltd (Gimasys) and as the leading partner of Google Cloud in Vietnam, Gimasys has become a reliable and reputable partner for information technology projects, providing digital transformation solutions for businesses with reasonable investment costs. reason.

Gimasys will bring updated topics and seminars to customers in the near future.

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