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Ebook "Google Cloud For Startups 2024 AZ Handbook"

Gimasys – Google Cloud senior partner in Vietnam accompanies Startups in business development

Moving to the Cloud is an inevitable development trend for businesses around the world, especially Startups with high requirements for a powerful infrastructure platform, which is easy to scale at the speed of development and at the same time does not cost much. resource costs to build and operate for the underlying platform, but only need to focus on application development.

With more than 10 years of experience in digital transformation consulting for businesses with Google Cloud technology, Gimasys has compiled a complete set of manuals to share details on how to move to Google Cloud optimally for businesses. Startup in Finance, Engineering and Business.


    Google Cloud For Startups Guide

    Why startups should build
    system on Google Cloud

    Flexible collaboration

    Work with your Startups team anywhere, anytime with Google Workspace customers.

    Creative innovation

    Streamline application development with our modern service Google Cloud, while accelerating production development in record time.

    Data processing and analysis

    Get actionable insights and decision making with leading AI and data analytics solutions like BigQuery, Looker, AI.

    Optimizing resource costs

    Google Cloud's simple, secure, reliable platform with 99,99% availability reduces risk and increases operational efficiency.


    1. Ebook details

    The handbook shares in detail how to migrate to Google Cloud with optimal efficiency for Startup businesses in terms of Finance, Technology and Business:

    Financial support with credit to $200.000 to access Google Cloud's powerful security, analytics computing platform and accelerate your Startups' growth

    Technical assistance: Introduced by Google to advise on tool solutions suitable to specific needs, support installation of technology transfer through training programs, and also receive support for online courses worth $500 from Google Cloud Skills Boost.

    Business Support: Connect directly with Google experts to learn and share real-world experiences, and get full access to Startup Success Manager and the Google Cloud Startup Community to open up new business opportunities.

    2. Subjects of application

    Startups funded with a publicly verifiable equity investment – up to and including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed and Series A (if Series A, raised within the last 12 months)

    ** Startups that are not eligible for the program will have the opportunity to receive $2,000 worth of Google Cloud credits through the Google Cloud experience program


    Free service experience Google Cloud Platform for businesses with Free Credit up to $200,000 today.

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