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Alert Center: Manage important notifications in G Suite

What’s new: This month, Google rolled out Alert Center* – Alert Center for G Suite, beta version. The Alert Center will provide a complete overview of the notifications, alerts, and actions of the applications in the G Suite plan. From here, G Suite admins can make the necessary decisions to better serve and protect the users in their business.

*Alert Center: A place to gather important notifications

By providing an overview, the Alert Center will help admins manage notifications and alerts more effectively. In addition, it also provides important information for administrators to assess the security risks that businesses or each user are facing. With G Suite Enterprise version, admin can also use G Suite Security Center – Security Center to consider the overall measures to be taken to deal with the security risk that the system warns of.

Hình ảnh minh họa G Suite Alert Center - Trung tâm cảnh báo trong G Suite
Hình ảnh minh họa G Suite Alert Center – Trung tâm cảnh báo trong G Suite

Alerts in the Alert Center can be classified into three large groups: Security Threats, Monitoring, and Critical System Alerts. With the beta version, the alert center will include the following specific alerts:

  • Google Operation: Information about security and privacy issues in G Suite that Google suspects will affect G Suite services in your business.
  • Gmail phishing and Spam: Reports of spikes in phishing reported by users, including links to phishing patterns and a list of affected users.
  • Mobile Device Management: Information about devices with suspicious activity or potentially hacked (this feature is only available in G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise).

The pilot program for the Alert Center – Alert Center is officially operational

Google is rolling out a pilot program for G Suite customers to try and give feedback and suggestions about the Alert Center feature. All G Suite users can try it out. Super Admins of G Suite can register for a trial for their business (applicable to the primary domain). 

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