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Google Newsletter December 2017

Google has developed new features to make it easier for G Suite users to collaborate no matter where in the world your team members, partners, or customers are! In addition, enhanced access control also helps businesses protect their data.

Google Newsletter December 2017 (1)

Icon Easily copy Hangouts Meet meeting information between Calendar events

There are so many reasons why you might want to create multiple Calendar events with the same details for Hangout Meets, you'll want to make sure everyone you invite is in the same meeting, even if they're having other events. Various events on Calendar…

Icon Create a Hangouts Meet meeting with 50 participants

Google recently announced several additions to the Hangouts Meet suite of products and features, including support for 50 participants in a meeting. All meetings organized by G Suite Enterprise users include this feature..

Icon Copy comments and suggestions on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

As everyone collaborates to create document content, it's increasingly important to keep a history of that collaboration when you have to copy documents, spreadsheets, or presentation slides. For example, Google has made it possible to copy comments and suggestions whenever you copy Docs, Sheets, Slides documents, etc.

Icon Insert images easier with Google Docs, Slides and Drawings

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you can add them to your text or presentation, or can draw them quickly and easily. Therefore, Google has introduced some improvements to the image insertion feature Google Docs, Slides and Drawings….

Icon New languages supported in Google Docs, Slides

No matter where in the world you or your colleagues or clients are, Google wants to make sure that Google Docs, Slides can help with your work. That's why Google has added new fonts in Docs and Slides to support up to 62 languages….

Icon Easily add large footer in Google Sites

Many websites, especially those created for business purposes, require a unified footer between pages, with important information such as business contact information, policies. safety information. It's now easier to create and manage these footers….

Icon Control the right to move business documents out of Team Drives

Team Drive lets you share documents with people inside and outside your business. Although there will be many people outside your business, such as customers and partners, who will want to add/contribute to Team Drive, it is also important to control who has permission to move documents externally. important…. a

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