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Report in G Suite admin: Show new information about user account security

What’s changing: Google is adding new tools to help admins identify suspicious activity and see the impact of privacy policy changes. Admin G Suite has an important role to play in protecting user accounts and ensuring the security of their businesses.

To be successful, they need comprehensive information about user account activity. That's why Google added a reporting section in the Admin console to display more information about the activity of these accounts.

Monitor your account for suspicious behavior

G Suite Admin (Workspace) can use reports to audit and set alerts for important user actions, including:

  • Change the password
  • Turn two-step verification on or off
  • Change account recovery information (phone number, security question, and recovery email)

Filter actions performed by a specific user

Information related to user activities will help admins identify suspicious behavior and detect when user accounts may have been compromised. For example, an admin can see that the user recently changed both their password and password recovery information. This could be a sign of a hacker taking over your account. Using these reports, admins can track the time and IP address of changes to see if there are any abnormalities. Depending on the admins' investigation, they may take appropriate actions (e.g. reset password, disable 2-step verification) to restore user accounts.

See the Help Center to learn more how to Monitor user account activity and set alerts for suspicious activity.

See the impact of privacy policy changes

The new reports can also be used to inform a business's security plans. For example, admins can track the progress of implementing methods across the entire enterprise, thereby increasing users' ability to implement two-step verification.

To view this report, go here Admin console > Reports > Audit > Users Accounts (Admin console > Reporting > Auditing > User Accounts).

Filter activities by date and type

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