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Protect users with the latest G Suite sign-in challenge: Employee ID

What's new: Google is always looking for new ways to keep your users' accounts safe and your business data safe. As part of that effort, users may now be required to Identity verification by providing their employee ID when logging into their G Suite account. This will better protect users from security threats because employee IDs are harder to guess and steal than many types of identity challenges.

Activate employee ID login challenge

The employee ID login challenge can only be implemented within an enterprise if the G Suite admin has previously provided that ID information to the user. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Download employee ID directly Go to Admin console
  2. Using Google Cloud Directory Sync to pull employee IDs from Microsoft Active Directory or an LDAP server.
  3. Using G Suite Admin SDK Directory API to enter employee ID in the information field “externalIds[].type” “organization”.

Once you have added employee ID, you can enable login challenges from Admin console > Security > Login challenges > Use employee ID to keep my users more secure make my users safer). Note that the employee ID login challenge is OFF by default.

Check out the Help Center for more information about how to add employee ID as login challenge.

Notify your users

If you choose to enable this login challenge, you should let your users know where they can find their ID and inform them of the possibility that they will be asked to take the challenge. If they want to verify their identity in another way, they should Update your recovery phone number and email address.

Please note that this login challenge will not be shown to any users who have two-step verification enabled.

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