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Protect your organization with a new feature – the Alert Center

What changed?

We are working on some updates on trung tâm cảnh báo – Alert Center cho G Suite (Google Workspace customers). New features will make it easier to find, collaborate, and take action on potential issues in your domain. Specifically you can now: 

  • Assign alerts to other team members or yourself  
  • Manage and track workflow status. 
  • Prioritize warning and investigation by severity. 
  • View and alert related to a user.  
  • Add new search attribute
  • View alert change history 
  • Find and manage alerts more easily

Some of the previous updates included in the beta and it is available for use now. Read more about the changes below.

Who will be affected?

Only administrator

Why are you using it?  

The Alerts Center already provides a single place to see notifications of potential issues in your domain and take action to resolve the issues. We hope these improvements help usability. alerts center easily, making it easier to find important and actionable alerts, improving collaboration between admins and stakeholder groups.

How to get started. 

Additional details 

  • Status, assignment, and severity settings: Add important information to help your team take ownership, evaluate, and collaborate as you work through security investigations. 
  • Use a more powerful search: Find alerts more easily by searching for notifications containing a specific email address when an issue is detected.  
  • See related warning: Viewing alert details displays other warnings related to an agent or user, helping to uncover security-related issues. 
  • View alert change history: View metadata history or update content for alerts. This includes when the status, assignment, or severity has been changed. 
  • Find and manage alerts more easily: Highlight specific alert URLs, bulk delete alerts, and sort alerts by factors like last updated time.. 
Search, filter, and sort for easier alerts
Search, filter, and sort for easier alerts

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