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How to set up Shared Drives in Google Workspace

Bên cạnh My Drive, Google Workspace còn có một không gian lưu trữ dùng chung trên Cloud cho các nhóm, phòng ban trong công ty gọi là Shared Drives, cùng tìm hiểu các thông tin về tính năng đặc biệt này của Google Workspace.

Overview of Shared Drives of Google Workspace

Shared memory (Shared Drives) with the old name of Team Drives – Is one shared storage space For project teams, departments in the company can easily store, search and access team document files with ease and flexibility from anywhere and on any device.

Unlike data stored in My Drive that belongs to a certain individual, data in Shared Drives belong to a common group. Thus, even if the Team members quit, these data remain intact, thereby helping the Team continue to access data, share common information, and at the same time support new employees in receiving and handing over jobs of retired personnel thereby better adapting to other tasks. of the company.

Shared Drives được hỗ trợ ở các phiên bản Business Standard, Business Plus đến Enterprise (Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus) và phiên bản cho giáo dục –  Workspace for Education

Đối với các tài khoản Gmail cá nhân và người dùng Google Workspace phiên bản Business Starter sẽ không sử dụng được bộ nhớ dùng chung này.

How to install Google Workspace shared storage

To be able to use it fluently and collaborate effectively, team members need to understand the features and usage of shared storage in an enterprise environment.

Create a new Shared Drives

To create a new shared storage, follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Drive
  • On the left, click Shared Drives 
  • At the top, click the . icon new
  • Enter a name and click Create

Tạo Shared Drives

Add members to shared storage

Add members to Shared Drives with just a few simple steps:

  • On your computer, go to
  • On the left, click Shared Drives and double click on one of the shared storage your
  • At the top, click Add members 
  • Add your name, email address or group address in the company
  • By default, the new member is a Content Manager. They can upload, edit, move or delete all files
  • Can change permissions for new members
  • Click Send

Thêm thành viên Shared Drives

Add File or Folder to Shared Storage

  • Go to
  • Left click on Shared Drives, then select one of your shared storage
  • Click new
  • Drag an existing File (that you own) from your computer or from My Drive Shared Drives . Or, at the top of Drive, click new and choose an option:
    • To create a File, select the type of File you want to create, such as a Google Doc file
    • To upload a File, click File upload. Navigate to File and open it
  • Double click File to open and edit

Add files và folders vào Shared Drives

Change access rights for members

Change each member's access rights to suit their mission in the group:

  • On the left, click Shared Drives
  • At the top, next to the shared storage name, click the Down arrow Manager
  • Next to the member's name select a new access level or Remove members
  • Click Done

change members access permission

Different access rights in Shared Storage

permission level in drives

Hide or show shared storage in Google Drive

  • Go to Google Drive.
  • Click on Shared Drives 
    • To hide right click Folder and click Hide Shared Drives
    • To show right click Folder and click Unhide Shared Drives

Hide or unhide Shared Drives

Qua những chia sẻ trên, doanh nghiệp và các nhóm dự án có thể phần nào biết được tính năng cũng như cách cài đặt sử dụng bộ nhớ dùng chung Shared Drives từ hệ sinh thái Google Workspace customers. Đây là tính năng hỗ trợ việc làm việc cộng tác cho các nhóm, phòng ban trong công ty.

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