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How to create a basic sites page based on the available template of Google sites

On February 27, 2008, Google officially provided a trial version of Google Sites service for Google Apps accounts. The Google Sites service is suitable for creating a site to share information between a group of people working in a company, individual or a class. To be able to create a website, you can follow these instructions:


To create a site

Access the Google sites browser at, select Create. You will then see two options: print classic sites and print new sites. In this article, we will guide you to create sites in the first way.


To design sites, you have two options

  • Choose an available site template: Click on the option Browse the gallery for more. Here, you can choose from pre-made site templates for your business or search for templates available online such as work portfolios, training sites, club sites, and more.
  • To design your own sites: Option Blank template.


To name the site

  • You enter a name for your site in the box Name your site. Usually when initialized, it becomes a unique URL for your site.
  • You can change the URL for your site in the Site location section (this will NOT change your site title)
  • Add description to the page under section More options

Attention: The name and URL you choose must be unique to your business' domain name. You can change the name later, but you cannot change the URL path. If you want to change the URL path, for example, contact your G Suite administrator.


Choose a theme

To choose a theme, click on the option Select a theme. Each theme will include appropriate background images, color gamut, and fonts. You can use ready-made or change them while using to your liking.

After making your selection, press Save to save and successfully create one of your pages.


Add page (page)

First, your site page will only have a home page and a map, to add a page you click Create page in the right corner of the screen.

  • In the new window, add a name for the page you just created, an automatic URL will be generated for this new page. To change the URL, go to Settings and choose Page settings.
  • Choose a page template available in the Select a template to use
  • Choose the location of this page within the site, including options: Put page at the top level (placed at the top of the site) or Page under Home (placed under the Home position)
  • Finally press Create to complete the page to be created.

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