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Improve spelling and grammar in Google Docs

Quick summary

Earlier this year, Google introduced demo for new grammar suggestions in Google Docs. Google has now made this feature available to G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise* users.

These new features complement and enhance the effectiveness of existing spell checking functionality, highlighting possible grammatical errors in your text. Google is also introducing a revamped interface for reviewing spelling and grammar suggestions, making it faster and easier to detect and correct errors in your writing.

A few improvements you may see are:

  • Grammar
      • Possible grammatical corrections will be underlined in blue. To see a suggested edit or remove the warning, just right-click.
      • You can also see possible grammar errors when running a spelling and grammar check through the Tools category.
  • New language review interface
    • You can easily review all the language suggestions for your text with the upgraded spell and grammar checker. Access this function through the “Tools” section of the menu or right-click on a suggestion and select “Review more suggestions” – you will see each suggestion and actions to edit these errors.

Google Docs suggests editing spelling errors

To see more about how Google uses machine learning to identify errors and suggest edits to improve your writing, see here

* Although this feature is not yet available to customers G Suite Education and G Suite Enterprise Education edition, but they can continue Sign up for the beta of this feature.

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