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Compose Action: Smart Compose feature on Gmail add-on

Don't miss out – New integrations in Gmail make it easy to insert content and actions

What’s new: Have you ever had to attach a Docs file, insert an image or copy information from another application in an email? Do you find these tasks take more time than necessary? If so, you're not the only one. Studies have shown that Employees must spend up to 8 hours per week searching for or synthesizing information and data from sources. Although "rummaging" through piles of folders to find a suitable attachment or going from project pages to the CRM system to copy-paste links into emails,... all these things even though they seem trivial trivial but takes up a lot of staff time and effort.

And from today, this will change with the Compose Action feature (the actions you perform when you have to compose an email) in Gmail add-ons. Compose Action helps you easily add attachments, references, or make the information you send more vivid. You can do these things using third-party add-ons right from the beginning of drafting Gmail.

Easily grasp the flow of information

Google introduced the compose action feature for the first time during the event Google Cloud Next' 18 and now officially rolling out to all Gmail users with 4 great integrations you can use today (and more are waiting for you!).

Box: The Box add-on app helps users save their valuable time by letting them quickly attach Box files to emails, as well as save attachments to Box, all within Gmail.

Dropbox: The Dropbox add-on app in Gmail allows users to not share Dropbox links as well as save document information to their Dropbox account right from the Gmail interface.

Atlassian's Jira: Atlassian Cloud Add-on for Gmail brings the convenience of Jira and Bitbucket to your inbox. In the email interface, users can easily add the preview feature to issues in Jira by: opening recently raised issues and attaching it to the message (illustrated below).

Egnyte: The Egnyte add-on application in Gmail allows users to save attachments to Egnyte as well as link Egnyte files and folders right from the Gmail compose interface.

Convenience and security

Compose Action is a new feature of Gmail Add-on, which means that when you enable this feature, it will work both with Gmail on your phone and on the Web. G Suite Admin (Workspace)maybe easy whitelist applications they want to enable in their business.

Try using Compose Action today

G Suite and Gmail users can access it G Suite Marketplace to find and install add-ons, with more in development. Developers have reference cards Google documents to build your own add-ons. Just like other add-ons in Gmail, G Suite admins can Install them across the entire business your or put them on the whitelist.


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