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Make sure Google Vault stores all emails in your domain

What you should know

To ensure that copies of all messages sent or received in your domain are stored in users' Gmail inboxes, you should Comprehensive mail archiving setup in the admin console. This isn't a new setting, but we've learned that some G Suite admins don't realize it's turned off by default.

Who is affected?

Admins only

Why should you use it?

Your Vault has a policy to maintain and store these emails in your Gmail mailbox, and to search and export mail in Gmail, which will include these emails. Examples of emails sent or received in your domain include messages sent from Calendar and Drive and other G Suite services

How to get started

Additional details

An example of email archived by comprehensive mail archiving is email written in Calendar. For instance, it's sometimes useful to email all or a subset of the people in the meeting invitation. If you click on the “Email Guests” icon, it will send an email from your email address. You have the option to email all guests, target people based on RSVP status, and/or send a copy to yourself. There is no CC, BCC or attachment option, but the details of the calendar event will be included in the email.

If you uncheck “Send copy to me” and comprehensive mail storage is disabled in your domain, a copy of sent messages will not be saved in any Gmail mailboxes. If comprehensive email archiving is enabled in its scope, a copy of outgoing messages will be stored in the sent mailbox.

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