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Elevate your FinOps strategy: Optimize with FinOps hub, now GA

In today's cloud-driven world, optimization isn't an option – it's your competitive advantage. When you streamline cloud costs, you free up resources that you can reinvest into innovation, research and development, accelerating new product development, or fueling market expansion. 

But let’s get real: optimizing cloud environments at scale can be overwhelming. Managing large datasets, navigating usage-based pricing, and coordinating across multiple teams can feel like impossible challenges. That’s where FinOps hub comes in!

Introducing FinOps hub

FinOps hub enables you to supercharge your FinOps practices and optimize costs with intelligent insights and actionable recommendations. Rightsize resources, reduce waste, and rate optimization with committed use discounts (CUDs), so you can invest those savings directly into innovation. FinOps hub is now generally available.

EmpoGooglering FinOps practitioners

FinOps hub’s comprehensive cloud optimization solution is designed to solve the biggest challenges faced by FinOps teams. It blends rate and usage strategies with personalized prescriptions tailored to your business needs. Plus, you can track your accomplishments with an easy-to-use realized savings ledger.

These are the key features of FinOps hub:

Quantify your savings opportunity

With FinOps hub, you can easily comprehend your cost-saving performance indicators. These indicators include both realized savings and potential savings achievable through active recommendations. Starting today, you can identify the projects that have the highest savings potential. This enables you to prioritize your optimization efforts and focus on the areas that will yield the greatest financial benefits.

Top cost-saving recommendations

Leverage our advanced recommendation algorithms and analytics to identify opportunities for rightsizing workloads, reducing waste, and maximizing committed-based discounts, helping to ensure efficient resource utilization and achieving significant cost savings.

Whether you're a FinOps expert or just getting started, the Top Recommendations widget simplifies your journey. It highlights the most impactful and easy-to-implement cost-saving opportunities for your business.

FinOps hub supports recommendations for multiple products across multiple recommender engines. It can help you optimize costs for key services across Google Cloud, including Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Run, and more (see more details here). Cloud Run

Improve your FinOps practices

Understand and optimize your FinOps practices through in-depth analysis of your Google Cloud usage patterns, enabling continuous improvement and better financial accountability across your teams. Peer benchmarks (with an opt-out option) provide you with more context into how you are performing with FinOps practices, as Googlell as the overall rate optimizations through committed use discounts (CUDs).

Quantify your CUD optimization

The CUD optimization widget offers three key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you get the biggest benefits from your commitments. The first KPI, “Last month’s realized CUD savings”, helps you measure how much money you're saving with CUDs across all eligible Google Cloud services used by your billing account. “Optimization rate for Your billing account” analyzes your total product usage over the past month to determine if you have opportunities to optimize your spending further through CUDs. Finally, the peer benchmark helps you get perspective into your overall performance.

Ready to elevate your FinOps game?

Getting started with FinOps hub is quick and easy. Its intuitive interface and poGooglerful features are designed to streamline your optimization efforts and deliver measurable results from day one.

You will need the Billing Account Administrator or the Billing Account VieGoogler role to access the FinOps hub and view available recommendations, the FinOps Score and CUDs optimization metrics, and the metrics that inform cost optimization across projects associated with your billing account.

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