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G Suite: Manage Android Apps Using Basic Phone Manager

What’s new:

You can now manage Andoid apps for your users using Basic Mobile Management. Previously, you could only do this if you used Advanced Mobile Management.

Who’s impacted

Only admins

Why you’d use it

With basic mobile device manager, you can now:

  • Organize the apps in the Google Play store you manage
  • Automatically install applications on users' devices
  • Create applications for the web
  • Create private apps

How to get started

  • For Admin: Go to Admin console > Device management > App Management > Manage apps for Android devices and start whitelisting and managing Android apps.
  • For end users: No action required. Domain users using a basic mobile device manager will see a section called “Work apps” in the Google Play store. This section contains default G Suite applications and other applications that have been whitelisted in the Admin console.

Additional details

Organize apps in the managed Google Play store:

To help users find the apps they need, you can organize apps into collections. These collections appear on devices in the “Work apps” section of the managed Google Play store.

Automatically install applications:

With this basic mobile manager, you can automatically install applications on users' devices. Visit the Help Center to learn how to manage suggested apps. Please note that only advanced mobile manager allows you to prevent users from uninstalling and other advanced features.

Build applications for the web

You can now create and manage web applications in the Admin console. These apps look like native apps and can make websites easier to find and use on mobile devices. You can also distribute these web apps the same way you distribute native apps – by adding them to collections in a managed Google Play store, or automatically installing them on people's devices. use.

Build private applications

Now you can create private Android apps, directly from the Admin console. Simply, you just need to upload the APK and name the application. The app will appear in the Google Play store you manage in just a few minutes. You can also install the app directly on the user's device (see above). Previously, it would take hours to create and export an app, and you had to create a Play Console account, provide credit card information, and fill out information fields before an app was available. can appear and be used by users.

The 'Work Apps' tab in the Google Play store you manage will contain G Suite apps and other apps whitelisted by the admin.

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