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What is Generative AI? Compare Generative Ai and Predictive AI?

A very hot concept recently, generative AI brings completely new experiences in the fields of content creation, data analysis research, automated application development...

What is Generative AI? 

What is Generative AI? Compare Generative Ai and Predictive AI? (first)

Generative AI (Creative AI) is a new type of artificial intelligence capable of creating content from text, images, music, audio or video.

What makes Generative AI different from other AIs is its ability to quickly create completely new content based on old data collected in the past, without having to simply analyze and identify the data to determine it. perform operations that have been learned by the machine. 

How does Generative AI work? 

Generative AI works using machine learning models Machine Learning (ML) to understand existing patterns and relationships in a data set of human-generated content. It then uses the learned templates to create completely new content.

The most common way to train Generative AI is to use methods supervised learning – this is a training model that provides a set of human-generated content and corresponding labels. The machine will then learn to create content that is similar to human-generated content and is labeled with the same labels.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Generative AI

Advantages of Generative AI

With the ability to quickly and easily create new content through countless information sources on the Internet, Generative AI will provide maximum support for users in the process of creating good article, image, and music content. new videos. 

Manual process tasks will be simplified, helping to save time, budget, and human resources.

Disadvantages of Generative AI

Based on the operating principles of Generative AI, they are designed to learn and analyze a large amount of data samples available on the Internet from many different sources based on training models prescribed by providers, This training model can analyze and predict results, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the data or the results are misleading due to the model installed by the supplier. 

Therefore, content information generated from Generative AI is still for reference only and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate and depends entirely on it. 

Compare Generative AI and Predictive AI

The common nature of AI is that it needs to go through the machine learning process to collect and analyze data to perform programmed operations and activities, but there are specific differences between Generative AI and Predictive AI: 

  • Uses

    • Generative AI: Use machine learning to create completely new content based on old data samples collected in the past, thereby creating new experiences in producing video image content.
    • Predictive AI: Predictive AI is a type of artificial intelligence that specializes in collecting and analyzing data to predict future events. It is used in many different industries such as finance to predict the market or in healthcare to determine human health status. 
  • How it works

    • Generative AI: Through training models from providers, Generative AI will learn and learn large data samples on the Internet created by humans to create completely new content.
    • Predictive AI: Predictive AI will collect and process raw data from many different sources, then based on the appropriate model or algorithm to make the most accurate prediction based on available data, accuracy of prediction also depends on the source of data collected. 
  • Advantages and disadvantages

    • Generative AI: See information above
    • Predictive AI
      • Advantages: Predictive AI helps increase competitive advantage for businesses as well as support quick decision making thanks to the ability to predict and simulate extremely effective situations, thereby enhancing business performance results. 
      • Disadvantages: Predictive AI only relies on analyzing available sample data sets to make predictions, however if the data source has problems, the prediction results will no longer be accurate and valuable. 

What is Generative AI? Compare Generative Ai and Predictive AI? (3)

Currently, many technology giants around the world are investing and focusing on exploiting the power of technology Generative AI. As one of the leading technology companies in the field of AI application research over the past decade, Google Cloud is currently providing Generative AI application solutions for businesses and governments focusing on content creation. Create new video images easily and quickly. 

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