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Improved user management interface in Admin console

What’s new:: Google is updating the interface you use to manage internal users in the admin console. These changes will make it easier to find and control user information and settings. For more information, see Google's Hep Center on adding and managing users.

New version quick task panel

When you click on an individual user, you'll see a basic dashboard, allowing you to quickly view and edit basic information about the user.

Category cards provide more granular user management

When you view an individual user's information, you will also see cards containing summary information, giving you an overview of important information in several categories. Click a card to view settings details or quickly edit information related to that user. Depending on the user's account and admin privileges, you'll see some or all of the following tags:

  • User information: View and edit user contact information and view custom properties.
  • Security: Control user security settings, like 2-step verification and security keys.
  • Groups: View and manage the user's membership and roles in a group.
  • Admin roles and privileges: View and change the admin rights you grant to users.
  • Apps: View the apps a user has installed on a managed device.
  • Managed devices: View and manage devices associated with the user.
  • License: View licenses issued to users and control the license of each individual user. See more below.
  • Team Drive: View and manage a user's Team Drive membership.

New license management function

One of the new cards is the License card - which will help improve visibility and license management in the enterprise. It features:

  • Improved license status to better show license allocation information to users.
  • Separate viewing and editing views to support decision making for license management.
  • Improved error handling and messaging to help admin.

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