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Limits of Shared Drive (Team Drive)

Google Shared Drives (Shared Drive) is feature Very useful for businesses in the application suite Google Workspace customers  because it meets the general storage needs of a department, a project group or the whole company. And unlike My Drive, data in Shared Drives is always guaranteed to be intact even if employee accounts are no longer active. 

So the limit of shared memory Shared Drives how ? 

Limitations of shared memory Shared Drive (Team Drive) 1

Limited to members and entries

Maximum files in Shared Drives (Shared memory)

A shared drive can hold up to 400,000 items – including files, folders, and shortcuts.

Shared drives should be kept below the limits allowed by Google or Drive on Shared Drives. Shared storage users with too many files may find it difficult to find, organize, or miss important content.

Maximum daily uploads

Individual users can only upload 750 GB per day between My Drive (My Drive) and all shared memory. Users who reach the 750 GB limit or upload files larger than 750 GB will not be able to upload additional files that day. The upload process will be complete. The maximum individual file size you can upload or sync is 5 TB.

Limit file sharing

A given file in a shared drive can be shared directly with up to 100 groups. 

Folder limits

A folder in a shared drive can support up to 20 levels of nested folders.

To ensure space in shared memory, you should not create a large number of shared folders in memory. Users may have difficulty organizing and finding content. Instead, you can organize content into multiple shared drives.

Note: When using Google Drive for Desktop, you cannot move folders from My Drive luxurious Shared Drives.

Membership limits

You can add users and groups in Google Groups Shared Drives.

If you add a user who is a member of multiple groups that are members of Shared Drives then that user is only counted as one member.

Groups 100
Combined users and groups* 600
Total number of individuals (users and group members) 50,000
  • Note: Within this limit of 600, the group can have a maximum of 100 members. Examples you can share Shared Drives with 100 groups and 100 users as members but you cannot add another group as a member because that would exceed the limit of 100 groups for Shared Drives. However, you can still add one individual user, bringing the total to 201, which is less than the limit of 600 for users and groups combined.

Shared storage appears maxed out in Google Drive

Drives only displays a maximum of 1,000 shared memories Shared Drive in the left navigation list. You can still access additional shared drives using a direct URL.

Currently, the supported versions for the feature are Shared Drive of Google Workspace including: Business Standard and Business Plus; Enterprise; Education Fundamentals, Education Standards, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus; Nonprofits; Google Workspace Business; Essentials. 

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