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Google App Maker will shut down on January 19, 2021

Google App Maker will shut down on January 19, 2021

What’s changing

Due to low usage, Google App Maker will be phased out throughout 2020 and officially shut down on January 19, 2021. Before shutting down, you'll need to review App Maker usage in your domain and take any necessary action.

See the Additional Details section below for a shutdown timeline and alternatives you can implement in your organization.

Who’s impacted

Admins, End Users and Developers

Why it’s important

As soon as possible, review your organization's use of Appmaker. App creators should review the use cases listed in the Additional Details section below and take action as necessary according to the dates listed in the schedule.

Additional details

The schedule is down

App Maker will be gradually disabled according to the schedule below:

  • Present,Existing applications will continue to function. Although App Maker is no longer actively developed, the service will continue to be maintained.
  • Starting April 15, 2020, you will no longer be able to create new App Maker apps. You can still edit and deploy existing applications.
  • Starting January 19, 2021, existing App Maker apps will be discontinued and you will no longer have access to them. App maker data stored in Cloud SQL remains unchanged and continues to be subject to the policies established by the Google Cloud Platform account (GCP) your.

Alternative solution

Due to the specific source code used for App Maker, you can directly migrate your app to another platform. Depending on your use case, we recommend the following:

  • If you use App Maker to automate business processes: Use AppSheet, a new addition to our app development portfolio that has similar capabilities to App Maker. App Maker data is stored in Cloud SQL and App Sheet Cloud SQL database support. This allows you to build an application on top of an existing database tied to your App Maker application.
  • If you use App Maker to develop apps: Use our App Engine to build and deploy applications on a fully managed platform. App Builder data is stored in Cloud SQL, allowing you to build App Engine applications on top of the database Cloud SQL existing attached to your App Builder application.
  • If you use App Maker to collect data: Using Google Forms, there are many new features that weren't available when App Maker launched.

Delete the application

If you no longer use apps created with App Maker, please follow these steps to completely remove each app:

  • (Optional) Export the application before deletion to save database information.
  • Delete apps in App Maker
  • Delete the related Cloud project.

Data saving

Your App Maker data belongs to your organization. App Maker user data is stored in CloudSQL and will continue to be retained according to the policies established by your GCP account. App Maker app authoring data can be exported from within the App Maker editor until January 19, 2021.

Getting started

Admins: Google recently emailed the primary admin in your domain and provided a CSV file with a list of App Maker apps being used in your organization. This list includes the app name, creator name, and last modified date for each app. It also contains a link to your Admin Panel with application-specific usage statistics and project information.

Notify application creators in your domain as needed about upcoming workarounds and shutdowns.

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