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Google Docs: New Grammar Suggestion (EAP)

What’s new:  Now in Google Docs, you can see grammar suggestions along with a newly improved interface for checking spelling and grammar. These new features build on the existing spell check functionality, so they will highlight potential spelling errors and help you correct them. This will help you spend less time checking and make the text easier to understand.

These features will initially roll out to Early Adopter Program (EAP) users. 

New grammar proposed

When it detects an error that needs to be corrected, Docs will underline the word in blue to let you know and check. You can right-click on the underlined word to see editing suggestions or ignore it. Grammar errors may also show up when you run a spell and grammar check using the Tools menu.

Comprehensive language testing interface

Google has also updated the spelling and grammar checker in Docs, making it easier to review all the suggestions. To launch the application, select “Tools” or right-click on the suggestion, select “Review more suggestions”. The tool will then show you each suggestion and help you take actions to fix the error.

Automated tools help you work with Docs more effectively

Docs uses Machine Learning technology to identify and help correct grammar errors you may make, in real time. Docs uses artificial intelligence to help you specify action items, Find related content and Identify spelling errors. Google will continue to build intelligent solutions to help you collaborate better through G Suite.

The Early Adopter Program for grammar suggestions is now open

To take advantage of these features, enroll in EAP. You can review the eligibility requirements. Register to participate at

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