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Google Drive: New Smart Search Box

What’s new: Google is improving the way search works in Google Drive. When you click in the search box, you'll see a bunch of options. Click on a selection to quickly perform a search by applying a related filter. You can see:

  • Your top collaborators (People who often collaborate and work with you): Click on a person to search for files you've collaborated with
  • Suggested search queries (Suggest search commands): Click on a term to search for it (budget report, team planning,..)
  • File types, edit history, priority items, and more (File type, edit history, preferences, and more): Click to display files that match the highlighted criteria.

Search faster with Machine Learning

These filters can help you find files faster without having to remember specific titles or keywords. Each suggested filter category uses multi-variant machine learning to predict which files you need to use. Over time, the filter will become more and more accurate. Google hopes that these suggestions help you find and filter content more effectively in Drive.

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