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Google Forms: Use decorative themes to make your brand stand out

What’s changing: To help Google Forms users create more personalized surveys, forms, and polls, Google has introduced new theme customization options. In particular, users can now choose the color and font style for the form's theme. These were the top requests for Google Forms features from Google users, who asked for more options to create forms that better fit their organization or team's brand.

Google hopes that these choices will help users create beautiful and engaging forms.

Choose a theme and background color

Users can choose colors for their themes. When users select a theme color, it will be applied to the title background, action buttons, and other elements. You can choose a pre-existing color or customize the color to your liking. After choosing your theme color, you can choose additional colors for the background.

Use an image for the form header

By default, the form header is adjusted to the theme color you choose. If you want, you can use an image to change the title instead of the background color.

Customize fonts

Users can choose from a variety of font styles to apply to their forms. When you select a certain font style, it will be applied to titles and questions.

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