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Google Slides: Improve page layout with size & position panel

What’s new:  

Google has added new controls to adjust the size and position of shapes, images, text boxes, and more in Google Slides.

This builds on Google's launch in April, when it added guides and rulers to give you more control over where to align text. These features will provide precise control over Slides, allowing the design of more engaging and effective presentations. New options allow users to:

  • Set the exact size by number or percentage
  • Adjust the position of objects (images, text frames, etc.) on slides
  • Rotate or flip horizontally, vertically, or set an exact rotation angle
  • Adjust size and position in Slides.

You can access the new dashboards via:

  • Format menu > Format options
  • Right click on object > Format options
  • Select object > Format options in Toolbar.

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