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Control access to G Suite groups using apps and services

What’s new:

Google added a new feature to use Google Groups to control access to G Suite apps, as well as additional Google services. This feature gives admins a simple and concrete way to ensure that the right users are using the right apps.

This feature was developed based on specific customer requirements for a tighter and more flexible level of control over applications and services. Currently, access can only be set up at the level of the Organizational Unit (OU). With this update, admins will be able to control access to smaller elements, through the use of groups.

Many G Suite customers have requested the ability to enable apps or services for groups, categorized by:

  • Department or job function
  • Each project
  • Level and specific position of the employee (executive, department head, director, ...)
  • Different geographical locations
  • Subsidiaries within a parent company

Use Groups to ensure users have access to apps and services

Groups controls are complementary – groups can add access to users no access book into the app, but they Are not can remove access rights of existing users have access at the enterprise level (domain level) or sub-organization (OU level).

This means: this feature is best used in addition to existing OU and enterprise settings, to ensure that a specific group can access an application.

Instructions to start using Groups to enable applications and services

To get started, go to Admin Console > Apps > G Suite or Additional Google services. You can then:

  • Search and select a group in the left navigation panel
  • Select each service (by hovering) or select a group of services (by ticking the empty boxes – check box)
  • Turn services on or off for specific groups

As part of this feature, you can only select groups that are created by the company's admin – you cannot use user-created groups. You may see an announcement, as shown below, to know more about this new feature.

To use this feature, the following admin access rights are required:

  • View all groups
  • Manage G Suite apps and additional Google apps by OU

Visit the Help Center for more details on how control access to G Suite and Google services for teams.

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