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Secure LDAP for G Suite: Simplify traditional application management

What’s new: Google has officially rolled out the secure LDAP protocol to all versions of G Suite. You can See the full announcement on the Google Cloud Blog, or read the summary below to see how LDAP helps businesses using G Suite.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) allows you to manage access to traditional LDAP-based applications & IT infrastructure, using G Suite Identity and management platform access (IAM). This means businesses can use only a single directory to manage access to:

  • SaaS Applications
  • Traditional LDAP-based applications
  • IT infrastructure

And users can use the same login for multiple apps and services.

The benefits that businesses can receive include:

  • Easier management: Manage applications and users in one place, reducing complexity and costs for IT teams.
  • Security enhancement: Businesses have one simple place to set up identity and access policies
  • Simplify traditional infrastructure: Users can reduce their reliance on traditional identity infrastructure, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Using the secure LDAP protocol does not change the end user's existing workflow – applications and IT infrastructure that use LDAP can be simply reconfigured to use secure LDAP services .

Work with a variety of IT infrastructure and applications

Nearly any application that supports LDAP over SSL can work with secure LDAP, whether they're built in the cloud or on-premis. Google is actively working with many companies to make their applications work with LDAP, including Aruba Networks (HPE), Atlassian, itopia, JAMF, Jenkins (Cloudbees), OpenVPN, Papercut, pfSense (Netgate), Puppet, Softerra, Sophos, Splunk, and Synology.

For more detailed information, please Access the full announcement on Cloud Blog. You can also visit the Help Center to learn more about how to implement secure LDAP service

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