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Manage workflows and automate processes with the new Google Docs API

What’s new:

With the new API Docs , there are more ways to build services that better support your business and improve your workflows. For documents that require consistency, collaboration, and accuracy — like invoices, proposals, contracts, and reports — the API will help automate common word processing tasks with the real-time editing and collaboration of Docs.

Who’s impacted


Why you’d use it

Some ways you could use this API include:

  • Create documents automatically
      • Use the Docs API to automate document creation, like creating all of the blank invoices you need for a particular quarter with a single click. Documents that require a template, like legal documents or contracts, can be automated based on user input and monitored with the API as well.
  • Manage workflows
      • Use the Docs API to add user or system-provided data to a document at various stages of a process. Programmatic edits to the same document over time, or to multiple documents at once, can simplify your workflows.
  • Sync with your content management systems
  • From internal wikis to blog content, you can easily import and export document details between Google Docs that your staff are editing and your content management system. For example, publishing platforms can now allow their customers to draft and collaborate in Docs to drive content to their websites.

How to get started

For more information and how to get started, see the Docs API developer site.

Additional details

See our post on the Cloud Blog for more details and examples of how G Suite customers are using the API.

The Docs API rounds out a complete set of APIs across all G Suite editor applications along with the Sheets API and Slides API.

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