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Free Google Meet – online meeting room for everyone

Free Google Meet – online meeting room for everyone 

Google makes an official announcement about free to use Google Meet – Online meeting solution for all users.


Google has invested a lot of time and effort to make Google Meet a highly secure online meeting room solution trusted by school organizations, governments, and large corporations around the world. world. As of early May, those with Google Email will be able to sign up for Meet and use some of the same features as paid users, such as scheduling meetings, sharing screens, and auto-annotating in calls. meeting. 


To make sure everyone can experience Google Meet safely and reliably, Starting this week, Google will continue to expand and use Google Meet across Google email accounts in the future. This means that users won't be able to use Google Meet right away, but you can sign up to receive notifications when the feature is ready for your account. 



The solution is built on a foundation that ensures security. 


Google Meet designed, built and operated to ensure safe use. Since January of this year, the amount of daily use of Google Meet has increased by 30 times. And in April, Google Meet hosted up to 3 billion minutes of meeting time and added about 3 million new users every day. And with just last week, more than 100 million people use Meet daily for online meetings. With such large growth numbers comes a responsibility for the safety of personal information and security, whether it's an internal financial meeting or financial advice for customers on Google Meet or simply. talk to friends and family. 


For Google, security is about making products safe. Meet is designed to operate on a solid foundation of security, to provide protections for all data, personal information, and the users themselves. Here are some examples of how Google will protect your data: 


  • Provide meeting creator permissions such as allowing who can join the meeting and being able to mute or remove participants in the meeting if needed


  • Each meeting room will have its own access code to ensure that no one can "see" your meeting room 
  • Recordings in each meeting will be encrypted and stored in Google Drive 
  • Easy to use on Chrome and other web browsers to reduce security risk 




Google operates a private network of networks around the globe and connects data centers to each other to keep your data safe. Trust is built over a long period of time, and Google also makes the locations of its data centers public to customers so that users have trust. 



Free Google Meet account for individual users. 


You can use Google Meet to book an appointment, join or start a video meeting with anyone like an online yoga class, club meeting, or chat with friends. Currently, Meet is only available on G Suite, an efficient and collaborative solution for businesses, organizations or schools. But in the future, Meet will be free for all users on the website: and mobile devices running iOS or Android. You can also use Meet from Gmail or Google Calendar.


Free Google Meet - online meeting room for everyone


If you already have a Google account ( account), just log in and use it at, and if you don't have one, you can simply create an account. Each meeting will be limited to 60 minutes when you use it for free, but this will only officially apply after September 30. 



Google Meet for groups or teams


Teams within an organization can use Meet to create a video meeting to help employees connect face-to-face and work as a team. For companies that don't want to use G Suite, you might be interested in G Suite Essentials.


G Suite Essentials is a perfect solution for the need to use advanced Meet features such as large meeting room capacity or meeting recording. G Suite Essential will also include Google Drive so that teams can share and store data and collaborate in real time on Docs, Sheets, or Slides. 


G Suite Essential and other advanced features will still be free after September 30.



Google Meet is for businesses or organizations. 


Regardless of whether a hospital is providing remote patient support or sales, every business in any industry is using Google Meet to do business. If you're one of the 6 million businesses and organizations using G Suite, you already have access to Meet. Admin just need to enable Meet for users in the system. 


During the Covid-19 crisis, Google has supported new and existing businesses using the Enterprise version to be able to use Meet even after September 30. 


  • Meet premium features for free for G Suite customers, such as the ability to livestream for 100,000 people in the system. 
  • Adds Meet access to G Suite customers with no change to existing contract 
  • Free G Suite Enterprise for Enterprise customers.

Free Google Meet - online meeting room for everyone



Google Meets in schools or educational institutions.


Many schools and universities are using Meet to create a secure virtual classroom, parent meeting, tutoring or even school events. Meet is included in G Suite for Education, serving more than 120 million students and teachers worldwide. If your school is using G Suite for Education, the Admin can enable Meet for free. 




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