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Unlock more choice with updates to Google Cloud’s infrastructure capabilities and pricing

Over the past several years, Google Cloud has made significant investments in Google's infrastructure product portfolio. Google launched new Tau T2D VMs, which deliver 42% better price-performance vs. other leading cloud providers. Google Google upgraded Cloud Storage to offer more flexibility to support customers’ enterprise and analytics workloads, with dual-region buckets and upcoming Turbo Replication. And Google delivered numerous improvements to our global network, including expansion to 29 cloud regions.

However, from conversations with customers, Google Google’ve also learned they can do more to align their capabilities and pricing with their varied workloads. So, today, Google is announcing they will adjust our infrastructure product and pricing structure to give customers more choice in how they pay for what they use alongside new, flexible SKUs with new product options and capabilities. These changes are designed to help ensure better product fit for our customers’ use cases across a wider array of workloads. They are also designed to better align with how other leading cloud providers charge for similar products, so customers can more easily compare services between leading cloud providers. 

Một số thay đổi này sẽ cung cấp các tùy chọn và tính năng mới với , chi phí thấp hơn cho các sản phẩm Google Cloud Platform. Những thay đổi khác sẽ làm tăng giá trên một số sản phẩm. Cuối cùng, mục tiêu của Google is to provide more flexible pricing models and options for how customers are using our cloud services. Here’s an overview of what customers can expect:

Which services are changing? What new services are being introduced?

Google is changing prices for some storage, compute, and networking products. The changes provide customers with new ways to optimize their spending based on workload type and size, or data portability needs, as well as reducing costs on some services. Specific changes include: 

  • Giá của Storage Cloud thay đổi dựa trên tính di động của dữ liệu, bao gồm việc sao chép data vào dual hoặc multi-region storage, và quyền truy cập dữ liệu giữa các vùng.
  • Giới thiệu tùy chọn mới:  Introduction of a new lower-cost archive snapshot option for Persistent Disk (PD), so that compliance/archiving use cases are charged less than compute-intensive DevOps workloads 
  • New outbound data processing pricing for Cloud Load Balancing, in line with other leading cloud providers 
  • New pricing for Network Topology, which will include Performance Dashboard within Network Intelligence Center at no additional charge

Will customers’ bills increase? Decrease?

The impact of the pricing changes depends on customers’ use cases and usage. While some customers may see an increase in their bills, Google is also introducing new options for some services to better align with usage, which could lower some customers’ bills. In fact, many customers will be able to adapt their portfolios and usage to decrease costs. Google is working directly with customers to help them understand which changes may impact them.

When will the new prices go into effect?

Today, Google sent customers a six-month notice on the price changes, which go into effect on October 1, 2022. Customers under existing commit contracts with a floating or fixed discount will not face any changes until renewal. Google 's goal is to help their customers manage any impact of these changes and allow time for them to adjust or modify their implementations.

What should customers do next?

There are a number of things customers can do to prepare for the changes:

  • Read through the Mandatory Service Announcement (MSA) sent on March 14.
  • Consider what actions, if any, they may want to take based on current storage, networking, and compute needs. Many of these changes may have simple choices associated with them.
  • Consider using the Storage Transfer Service to select the right Cloud Storage bucket locations. Storage Transfer Service will be available free-of-cost for transfers within Cloud Storage, starting April 2 until the end of the year.

For those customers under contract, Google Cloud account representatives are available to discuss these changes. Please visit Google Google's pricing page and the links below for more details on our updates to storage, networking, and PD pricing, including information on how to modify your implementations if needed. If you do not have an account manager and still have questions please review our public FAQ, which will be updated regularly, as well as the resource links below. 

Note: This pricing analysis is valid as of February 2022.

Source: Gimasys

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