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Priority: Smarter way to suggest and organize documents in Drive Beta

What’s new: In the left navigation panel of Google Drive, Google is adding a new page to make it easier to find and process files stored on Drive. This Priority Page uses machine learning to suggest documents you might be in need of access to and has a "work space" to help you organize them. Priority page in Google Drive in the immediate future only available in trial version. You can refer to the information section below for more details.


See docs and comments that need attention

The Priority page is designed to organize all your important documents in one place. Using Machine Learning, Google will identify the documents that need to be prioritized for you to work on. When you open this page, you will see these document files, along with comments and suggested steps. You'll be able to reply to some comments directly on the Drive interface and open entire document files with just one click. This will save you time searching for documents and more time doing important work.


Use a work space to organize files without having to move them

The Priority page will also arrange document files into the workspace. From there, you will have a collection of documents to deal with and easy access to them. Adding document files to the workspace will not affect storage locations or access rights. Simply, they are just gathered in one place for you to find them easier and faster. Google research has shown that most users only work with 10-20 document files in a certain period of time. Work space will ensure that you can access these document files in the most efficient way. To build your own workspace, you can use Drive's smart document suggestion feature or organize them yourself.


Priority page - Priority in Drive Beta



With the Priority page, Drive will save you time and focus on more important things by organizing and suggesting the right documents you need at the right time.


Option to try Priority feature in Drive Beta

Since the Priority page in Drive is initially only available in the trial version, the Admin can See detailed information, see the necessary requirements and register to use this feature for your business here.  


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