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Organize and set up your apps directly from the Admin console

What’s new: In this update, Google is making things easier for you to create – and users to find – the Android apps they need for work.

Group and organize apps in the Google Play store

To help users find the apps they need, admins can now group whitelisted Android apps into a “collection” section – users will find them in the designated Google Play store section. arrange. For example, you can create a collection for commonly used apps or for cost-related apps. You can then change where these collections appear, as well as the order of apps within a collection.

You can also do this without leaving the Admin Console. Please visit the Help Center to find out Detailed instructions. Note that this feature only appears to customers who have the feature enabled Advanced mobile device management.

Create your own business applications – quickly, easily, directly from the Admin Console

Google understands that creating your own apps on the Google Play Store Console takes a lot of time and often requires unnecessary steps. To simplify that process, Google has allowed admins to publish their businesses' Android apps, directly from the Admin Console.

From now on, you will no longer need to create a separate Play Console account, provide credit card information, or fill out related fields. Simply download the APK and enter the name of the application. In just a few minutes, the app will appear on the managed Play store – previously it would take hours.

Note that this feature is only available to customers using advanced mobile device management.

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